New Construction

Part of inspection services, new construction is what is required for the City's building, plumbing, electrical, gas and mechanical codes, through plan review and construction inspections (also repairs and alterations to structures). This includes new residential, commercial and industrial land uses.

Inspection staff processes all construction drawings for permit issuance, writes building , plumbing, electrical, heating, ventilating and air conditioning permits, issues mobile home park licenses, and electrical licenses to local industry. Staff also provides technical assistance to builders, architects, engineers and developers. To accommodate the review and inspection of new construction projects, there are three phases that every project must pass: plan review, permit issuance and inspections.

2018 International Code Amendments Adopted(PDF, 400KB)

Bonding & Insurance

Please contact our office for copies of the following bond forms:

  • Plumber's Bond
  • Electrician's Bond
  • Gas Appliance Bond (Mechanical Contractors)
  • Electrical Sign Contractor's Bond
  • Landscape Irrigator Bond

Certificates of insurance are also acceptable in lieu of the bonds. Certificates must be made to the City of Waco, minimum coverage of $300,000. The bond with the original signatures must be sent back to our office for approval prior to any permits being issued.