Fire Employment Process

Fire Employment

Preliminary Application Required

Applicants must have a Preliminary Application on file with the Waco Fire Department to be allowed to take the Civil Service Entrance Exam on the posted entrance examination date. No exceptions.

Civil Service Exam

The Civil Service exam consists of 100 multiple-choice test questions, which measure:

  • Reading comprehension
  • Vocabulary
  • Mathematics
  • Logical sequences
  • Spelling
  • Word association & grouping

The examination has a two-hour time limit. The minimum passing grade on the examination is 70 percent. An applicant must pass the examination to be placed on an eligibility list. The Civil Service list lasts one year from the date of the exam and all new hires will be selected from that list.

Study Guide & Workbook(PDF, 1MB)

Prior Military Experience

An applicant may qualify for Veterans points on the Civil Service exam. Civil Service rules states that an additional five (5) points shall be added to the examination grade of an applicant who served in the United States armed forces, received an honorable discharge and made a passing grade on the examination. In addition, Local Civil Service Rules states that the applicant must have served for at least one year and must produce proof that the applicant received an Honorable Discharge.

Physical Agility Test

Applicants who successfully complete the Written Civil Service Examination are also required to successfully complete a Physical Agility test. This pass/fail test is the same for all applicants, without regard to age or gender. The Physical Agility test will be conducted on a specified day following the passing of the written Civil Service Exam. The video below is a snapshot of what to expect from the test.

Background Check

Background Investigation & Polygraph

A complete background investigation is conducted into the applicant's general personal reputation, education, military history, driving record, arrest record, drug usage, employment history, special qualifications and skills.

Polygraph examinations are conducted by a licensed polygraph examiner approved/selected by the Waco Fire Department. The sole purpose of examination is to verify the applicant's truthfulness.

Final Steps

Oral Interview Board

The Oral Interview Board is normally comprised of six board members, which includes members of various ranks within the Waco Fire Department. The Oral Interview Board interviews candidates who successfully complete other parts of the selection procedure and objectively evaluate each candidate on six job-related dimensions: appearance, situational reasoning, interpersonal skills, oral communications, dependability and initiative.

Interview with Fire Chief

Applicants who successfully complete the Oral Board Interview and are selected to proceed in the hiring process will meet with the Fire Chief, who will make the final selection.

Complete Physical Examination

Applicants must receive a medical examination by a licensed physician approved/selected by the City of Waco. Applicants must be declared to be in good physical condition and be capable of performing the duties of a firefighter.