Code Compliance

Code Compliance

A division of Development Services


The goal of Code Enforcement is to provide citizens with a safe, healthy and attractive work and home environment.


The International Property Maintenance Code enables the repair, maintenance, or demolition of structures that may endanger the life, health, and safety of occupants or the public.  City of Waco inspectors are proactive and reactive to concerns generated from various sources.  If buildings are found unsafe, inspectors notify and work with property owners to bring the property into compliance.

2018 International Code Amendments Adopted(PDF, 400KB)

Housing Improvement (60-Day Program)

Items often addressed are items such as peeling paint, damaged windows, and rotted wood but repairs can be more extensive such as repair of a leaking roof or foundation. The 60-day program allows the owner or occupant to occupy the structure while repairs are being made.

Substandard Structures

A structure can be declared substandard if it is found unfit for human occupancy due to the lack of maintenance or disrepair, and constitutes a hazard to the occupants or public. The owner is notified of a hearing before the Building Standards Commission where they should attend to discuss a plan of repair or demolition of the structure and civil penalties if not repaired within a specified time frame.

Junked Motor Vehicles

Junked Motor Vehicles are detrimental to the safety and welfare of the general public, tend to reduce the value of private property, invite vandalism, create fire hazards and harm the economic welfare of the city.

A junked motor vehicle must be:

  • Self-propelled
  • Contain expired or missing license plates OR be wrecked, dismantled, or partially dismantled
  • Be visible from a public place or right-of-way
  • Remain inoperable for more than 30 consecutive days

This does not include vehicles stored in a fully enclosed garage or storage building.

For vehicles located in the street, on a public right-of-way, or public property, contact the Waco Police Department at (254) 750-7500


The accumulation of litter, junk, rubbish, or garbage is not permitted on occupied or vacant properties. Typical violations include accumulation of trash, wood debris, building and fencing materials, indoor furniture, appliances, tires, car parts, and other related materials. Residents are asked to bring their properties into compliance by removing such items within a designated time frame. Litter and junk are defined as follows:

  • Litter shall mean garbage, refuse and rubbish and all other waste material which, if thrown or deposited as prohibited in this article, tend to create a danger to public health, safety and welfare.
  • Junk shall mean all worn-out, worthless and discarded material, including odds and ends, old iron or other metal, glass and cordage.

Open Storage

It is not permitted for the owner or occupant of a residential building, structure, or property to utilize the premises for the open storage of the following items, including but not limited to: ice box, refrigerator, stove, glass, carpet, upholstered furniture, tires, auto parts, building rubbish or other similar items. It shall be the duty and responsibility of every such owner or occupant to keep the premises of such residential property clean.

Illegal Dumping

Illegal dumping harms the environment and creates a danger to public health and safety. Violators caught illegally dumping trash and debris are ticketed immediately.

Residents are asked to record license plate numbers of illegal dumpers and to report the incident to Waco Central immediately, making it easier for police to catch the culprit. To report Illegal Dumping, call (254) 299-CITY (2489).

Residents can properly dispose of any items at the Cobbs Convenience Center, 44th and Cobbs Drive, (254) 751-8536. Also the City of Waco regularly sponsors a Household Hazardous Collection Day once a year.

High Grass & Weeds

High weeds and grass can become a fire hazard, as well as a breeding place for mosquitoes and rodents. Grass or weeds higher than 12 inches are not in compliance with the City of Waco's ordinances.

Owners of properties in violation of the grass and weeds ordinance will receive a notice allowing 7 days to bring the property into compliance. If the property is occupied and the problem is not resolved, the owner will be issued a ticket. Legal action could be taken in Municipal Court. If the property is vacant the City may send a contractor to mow the high grass and weeds, and issue a bill consisting of mowing fees and administrative service fees to the property owner.

In the interest of public health and safety, any property with high grass and weeds that has grown higher than 48"inches can be cleaned or mowed without prior notification to the owner. The City will send a bill for this service to the property owner.

A lien will be placed against the property for any bill not paid within 30 days.


Environmental Fees
To mow lots: $200
Lots the require special bid: $150 plus contractor bid
Abatement of graffiti $150 plus contractor bid
Securing of structure(s) $150 plus contractor bid
Demolition of structure(s) $150 plus contractor bid
Lien Filing Fees
1st page $16
2nd and subsequent pages $4