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Mobile WCCC.TVOur new mobile site at, gives our viewers the opportunity to watch the Waco City Cable Channel from anywhere in the world. For those that do not have a cable subscription, this is the perfect option.

WCCC.TVUsers have access to an enormous amount of programming about Waco's history, recent news, tourist attractions and more.

We are streaming the channel LIVE twenty-four hours a day for those that want to know what's on right now!

Most programs are available in high definition and showcase our city in a wonderful way! They are available at your fingertips for when YOU want to watch them. What are you waiting for?

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Broadcasted Meetings

Waco City Council Meeting City Council Meetings - Work Session
The City Council meetings are held on the first and third Tuesday of each month.  The Work Session and the Business Session are recorded and replayed several times throughout the week. City Council meetings are broadcast live from the Bosque Theater in the Waco Convention Center. See meeting schedule.
Waco City Council Business Session City Council Meetings - Business Session
The City Council meetings are held on the first and third Tuesday of each month.  The Work Session and the Business Session are recorded and replayed several times throughout the week. City Council meetings are broadcast live from the Bosque Theater in the Waco Convention Center. See meeting schedule.
Plan Commission Plan Commission Meetings
The Plan Commission meets the fourth Tuesday of each month. The meeting is recorded and then replayed several times throughout the month. When the renovations in the Bosque Theatre, inside the Waco Convention Center, are complete, the Plan Commission meetings will be broadcast live. See meeting schedule.


Monthly Talk Shows

Chamber Connection
Greater Waco Chamber of Commerce
The Greater Waco Chamber of Commerce works to build a healthy business environment, promote economic development and work effectively to improve the quality of life in the Greater Waco area.
Community Wise
Centex African American Chamber of Commmerce

Learn how the CTAACC is encouraging, developing and empowering small businesses to help improve the local economy on CommunityWise, a talk show produced by WCCC.TV in our studio located in City Hall.
Education Collective Education Collective
Greater Waco Community Education Alliance Executive Director Virginia DuPuy visits with members of our community who work together to develop an understanding that the entire community shares responsibility for educating every citizen.
For Your Safety
Learn tips to keep yourself healthy and safe from the Waco-McLennan County Health District, the Waco Fire Department and Police Department.
Around Waco Health Wise
The Waco-McLennan County Public Health District’s mission is to protect the community's health.  Learn how they are working toward their goal on Waco Health Wise.

Know Your City Staff
Join us as Waco City Manager Larry Groth visits with department directors of the City of Waco on this talk show, produced by WCCC.TV in our studio located in City Hall.

Medicare and You
Produced in the WCCC.TV studios, discover how the various parts of Medicare and Medicaid work and help provide medical services to eligible people.
Central Texas Hispanic Chamber of Commerce

Learn how the Cen-Tex Hispanic Chamber of Commerce is making a difference in our community on Noticias, a talk show produced by WCCC.TV in our studio located in City Hall.


Featured Series

Around Waco Around Waco
Discover interesting occupations, hobbies and people in and around the greater Waco area.
Around Waco City Talk Radio Show
The City of Waco produces this radio program that airs each week on 94.5 Info FM, 1660 ESPN Radio and KLRK Mix 92.9 FM. The show is recorded and replayed on WCCC.TV to provide the opportunity to hear of the great things happening in Waco as well as some of the challenges we face.
Discovering the Legend Discovering the Legend
Presented by The Texas Ranger Hall of Fame and Museum in Waco, this series takes a look at some interesting stories covering  more than two centuries of law enforcement by the revered members of the  Texas Rangers.
For Your Health & Safety For Your Health & Safety
Learn how the Waco Police, Fire and Emergency Management departments are working to make Waco a safer community on For Your Safety, a talk show produced by WCCC.TV in our studio located in City Hall.
Gateway to Texas History Gateway to Texas History
Waco has a rich and diverse history dating back to the Hauco Indians. This series features the people and events that helped make Waco the city that it is today.
Know Your City
Learn how the City of Waco and its various departments function, making local government work better for you.
Museums of Waco Museums of Waco
Waco has 17 museums and historic homes that preserve items of historical and scientific importance and makes them available to the public. This series features these museums and highlights some of the objects that make each one of them unique.
Step Into the Wild - Cameron Park Zoo
Each edition lets viewers discover interesting facts and features of the animals, the exhibits and the people that make Cameron Park Zoo a world-class facility.
Storytime Storytime
This popular program offers something for the kids when the other local stations turn to news.  Children’s Storytime features librarians from the Waco-McLennan County library as they read stories geared for pre-school age children.  
Waco Remembers
A series featuring personal stories of some of the Waco’s long time residents.
Waco Tornado Waco Tornado (1953) (In the Waco Remembers Series)
On May 11, 1953 a devastating tornado rolled through Waco killing 114 people and destroying a large part of the down town area. In 2003, the Waco City Cable channel began interviewing dozens of survivors and family members of those who experienced the event resulting in the production of three, unscripted documentaries featuring first hand stories, accounts and photos of the tragedy.
These award winning documentaries are dedicated to the memory of those who lost their lives and are available for future generations to understand the impact made on Waco.


Short Series Segments

Walk in the Wetlands A Walk in the Wetlands
A look at the plants, animals & programs at the Lake Waco Wetlands. A partnership with the City of Waco and Baylor University.
City Beat City Beat News Report
This weekly production features news and events pertaining to the City of Waco.  It also includes area food establishment inspection scores, a complete list of employment opportunities with the City of Waco and a calendar of city events.
City Staff Spotlight

City Staff Spotlight
Meet different city employees and learn what they do for the City of Waco.

Good Gardening
Local gardeners give seasonal care and planting tips for our area.
Hailey's Cookin' Show Hailey's Cookin' Show
Join Hailey as she teaches us how to cook various different menu items in a short amount of time. From Pop-Overs to French Cuisine, she makes cooking fun!
Images of Waco Images of Waco
Watch in High Definition as we give you the experience of being in places throughout the city that you may have not seen and experience the sights and sounds of the people, places and events that make Waco a great place to live.
Markers in Time Markers in Time
A look at the State Historic Markers and their stories in our city.
Music Videos Music Videos
Videos from live events around the City of Waco, like Brazos Nights, River Sounds at the Brazos River Stage and more.
Myths and Legends
Discover some of the more than 50 fascinating Myths and Legends that have been intriguing Wacoans for decades.
Serve it up Waco!
Local eateries show off one of their best and most popular dishes.
Waco, A Moment in Time
A brief look at an interesting fact or event that occurred in Waco’s past


Other programs aired by WCCC.TV:

Sit & Be Fit
Geared towards improving the quality of life for aging adults, physically limited individuals, and those managing chronic conditions and is brought to you by the Waco-McLennan County Public Health District.

Texas Parks & Wildlife
Visit unique and beautiful places around Texas in this Emmy Award winning program.

My Health. My Medicare.
Over 44 million Americans, more than one in five adults, provide unpaid care to a loved one valued at a staggering $306 billion each year! Find out more about programs that offer financial support, counseling, medical care and respite care for family caregivers.

The American Veteran
This monthly magazine format program is designed to inform active duty members, veterans, their families and their communities about the services and benefits they have earned and to recognize and honor them.


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