Bus Ridership Rules & Information


Service is provided on every weekday except Sundays. Service is provided year round with the exception of the following Holidays: New Year's Day, Memorial Day, July 4th , Labor Day, Thanksgiving and Christmas Day.

Flag Stop System

Waco Transit's Fixed Route bus service works as a flag stop system. There are designated stops for all routes and vehicles may be flagged for a stop at most places along the route.

To “flag” a bus for a ride, position yourself on the correct side of the street well before any major intersection. Then attempt to make eye contact with the driver and wave your arm up arm up and down (not like a hello wave). If safe, the bus operator will stop the vehicle as close to your location as possible.

Operators are instructed NOT to stop for citizens on the opposite side of the street, along busy highways or near congested intersections. Safety is Waco Transit's first priority both for our passengers, operators and other vehicles.

Boarding the Bus

Please board through the front door, pay exact fare, and take a seat. Smoking, eating, or drinking are not permitted on the bus.

The bus operator is concerned with your safety and meeting your schedule. He'll be glad to answer any questions once the bus has come to a complete stop.

Stopping & Exiting the Bus

When on the vehicle to signal the bus operator to stop please push the yellow signal strip near your seat. This rings the bell letting the driver know to let you off at the next corner or bus stop. Please exit through the rear door.

All of our buses are ADA accessible to persons with disabilities and equipped for wheelchairs.

Title VI Information

Denise Rodriguez, Title VI Coordinator (254) 750-1640

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