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Street Lights

  • Roadway lighting also known as street lighting within the City limits of Waco are a combination of fixtures, poles, and systems owned and maintained by the Texas Department of Transportation (TX DOT), ONCOR Electric, McLennan County Co-op, and the City of Waco.
  • The City of Waco owns and maintains approximately 3,200 street light fixtures. City owned fixtures and poles are identifiable by a yellow and black four-digit number and a City of Waco logo on the pole. ONCOR fixtures and poles are identifiable by an eleven digit (GLN #) on the pole.

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City of Waco Streetlight ONCOR Street Light
  • For residential neighborhoods that are not on arterial or collector streets, a petition process is used to assess the residents desire for street lighting.
  • Generally, streetlights are provided at street intersections and at one mid-block location on normal length blocks upon request of a majority of the residents (3 of 4 for corner and 4 of 6 for mid-block).
    • In identified high crime areas no petition is required.
    • The following is a brief description of the petition process:
      • Petitions are provided upon request from Traffic Services
      • Contact Us at (254) 750-6634
      • Petitions are prepared by the requestors and returned to Traffic Services
      • Petitions are reviewed by a Traffic Analyst
      • If it is determined that a light meets all requirements, a work authorization is prepared and sent to the proper agency for installations
      • It usually takes 4-6 weeks for normal installations

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