Victim Services

Victim Services is a unit of the Waco Police Department. It is currently staffed with a Director of Victim Services, Melissa Beseda, Volunteer Coordinator, Tami Parsons and a Crime Victim’s Compensation Specialist, Melissa Sparks. This program was developed in order to serve the needs of victims/witnesses and their families. Our primary function is to provide on-scene crisis intervention. Staff is on-call 24-hours a day, 7-days a week. The unit provides on-scene crisis intervention, death notifications, victim education, follow-up contact, assistance with Crime Victims' Compensation and Victim Impact statements, criminal justice advocacy, legal advocacy, court accompaniment, and assessment and referral services, as well as other pertinent victim needs.

In order to meet the extensive needs of our community with such a small staff, we utilize specially trained volunteers. Volunteer Crisis Teams work various shifts 7 days a week. These teams respond to a wide range of calls such as: homicide, suicide, accidental death, robbery, sexual assault, family violence, as well as others. Volunteers are trained to assist with death notifications, provide crisis intervention and education, and other relevant services. We currently have 25 qualified Crisis Team volunteers.

Victim Services volunteers are required to successfully complete approximately 35 hours of classroom instruction. Classroom instruction includes topics such as: death and dying, death notifications, homicide, suicide, sexual assault, crisis intervention strategies, victim issues, as well as a wide range of other topics. In order to qualify for graduation, volunteers are also required to perform successfully in a role-play examination.(delete) The Victim Services Crisis Team Training Academy is 4 weeks long.

Waco Police Department Victim Services volunteers are highly trained and committed to assisting and serving members of their community whose lives have been touched by a tragic event. These are exceptional individuals who are not only interested in their own personal growth through both formal and experiential learning, but they are also willing to share their time, talents, and insights in order to help others.
The Waco Police Department Crisis Team Training Academy is held periodically through the year as needed. A background check is required for all applicants, which includes criminal history, employee background, and references.

Individuals interested in applying for a position as a Volunteer Crisis Team Member should contact:

Tami Parsons
Volunteer Coordinator

Melissa Beseda
Director of Victim Services

Missy Sparks
Crime Victim’s Compensation Specialist

Application for Volunteer Academy

Crisis Team Shifts are as follows:

  • Monday - Thursday 1800 to 0600
  • Friday 1700 to 0000
  • Saturday 1: 0000 to 0900
  • Saturday 2: 0900 to 1700
  • Saturday 3: 1700 to 0000
  • Sunday 1: 0000 to 0900
  • Sunday 2: 0900 to 1700
  • Sunday 3: 1700 to 2300
  • Sunday 4: 2300 to 0600
    • Each number above is one shift.
    • At least four shifts must be completed a month.

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