Landon Branch Neighborhood Association

Landon Branch

Landon Branch Newsletter: April, 2015

The Landon Branch Neighborhood Association serves the area of North Waco from Cobbs Drive at Lake Air Drive to North 25th Street to Lake Waco.

For more information about joining, contact Dr. Bob Kinney at (254) 776-5648.

Landon Branch Neighborhood Bylaws


Pres.       Gary Miller
VP          Vacant
Sec.        Lori Roller
Treas.    Dr. Bob Kinney
Past Pr.  Bill Miller


Sect. 1   Vacant
Sect. 2   Vacant
Sect. 3   Vacant
Sect. 4   Nell Lavender
Sect. 5   Anna Kazanas

OUR 20TH ANNIVERSARY WAS GREAT! We had the celebration July 16 at Christ the King Baptist Church. Led by LBNA President Gary Miller, we heard kind comments from Mayor Malcolm Duncan, Jr. and Police Chief Brent Stroman, and a presentation by former Council Member Toni Herbert detailing the beginnings of the neighborhood associations in the 1990s with the training she had designed as a city staff member.

Now our OCTOBER MEETING will be a wine tasting held Thursday, Oct. 22, 5:30 pm at Gourmet Gallery, located in the Ridgewood Village Shopping Center at Cobbs Drive and N. Valley Mills Drive. There will be a $5.00 fee to offset the cost of wine and snack trays provided for the event.

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