Austin Avenue Neighborhood Association

Austin Avenue

The centrally located Austin Avenue neighborhood is rich in history and architectural diversity. Through the years, the area was home to celebrated local politicians, Baylor University faculty, business leaders, authors and artists.

The residential community is enjoyed by individuals, families and students for running, walking and cycling under the canopy of trees. Adjacent to the residential area, the neighborhood also offers bed and breakfasts, restaurants, and a thriving commercial corridor.

The Texas Historic Commission selected 28 neighborhood homes as architecturally significant local preservation properties. Also, the Castle Heights area has applied for historic designation by the Texas State Historic Commission. Many homes in the neighborhood have received historic designations from the Waco City Council. The Madison Cooper home and the Cotton Lane Castle have state historic markers.


  • Discuss and evaluate the needs and improve the quality of life within the neighborhood.
  • Promote a strong sense of cooperation in the neighborhood and among businesses.
  • Assist the restoration, preservation and improvement of the neighborhood.

Austin Avenue Neighborhood Map

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