Human Resources

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do I check the status of my application?

A: Check the closing date of the job you applied for (online) and once the job is closed, call (254) 750-5740 to check the status of your application.

Q: Can I do my employment testing during lunch?

A: Yes. You may come by to test anytime between 8 a.m. and 4 p.m. as long as the position you are testing for is still listed on the website.

Q: Will I be notified if I'm not chosen for employment?

A: Due to the high number of applications we receive, we do not currently notify applicants who were not selected for a position. You can obtain this information by calling our department to check the status of your application after the job has closed.

Q: I have done pre-employment testing recently. Do I need to re-test?

A: Any pre-employment testing done with the City of Waco will be good for 6 months. You must contact HR to inform us that you would like to use your previous scores, otherwise we will assume you need to re-test.

Q: How long will the job remain open?

A: It varies. Some jobs are open a minimum of 5 business days, and some are open for 30 days. Check the website for the closing date, and be sure that you apply and have completed all testing by that date.

Q: How do I know if you received my application?

A: It is your responsibility to verify that we received your application. You may call our department 3-5 business days after submitting your application to verify that we received it.

Q: Who reviews the applications?

A: Applications are initially screened by HR to determine if they meet the minimum qualifications. The hiring supervisor will then review the qualified applications and make selections for an interview.

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