Code Enforcement—Inspection Services

Mechanical Permit Fee Schedule

For issuing each permit per building


Heating Systems

Installation of each direct-fired unit Heater, boiler, hot air furnace or central Heating plant

Each unit up to 250,000 BTU


Each unit over 250,000 BTU Up to 500,000 BTU


Each additional 50,000 BTU Over 500,000 BTU


Refrigerated Air Systems

Installation of each refrigerated system

Each unit up to 5 tons


Each unit over 5 tons up to 50 tons


Each air handler unit up to 10,000 CFM


Each air handler unit over 10,000 CFM


Re-inspection fee


Appeals To Building Inspections Advisory and Appeals Board


Ventilation Systems

Installation of each blower or fan connected to duct system $5

Fees for combination systems

For the installation of each system with both heating and cooling, the permit inspection fee shall be determined for each feed paid for the combined total.

All permit inspection fees shall be paid when the permit is issued

In case any work, for which a permit is required by this article, is started prior to obtaining said permit, the fee shall not relieve any person from fully complying with the requirements of this article in the execution of work nor from other penalities prescribed herein.

The division of building inspection shall keep a permanent accurate accoutn of all fees collected in the manner prescribed by the city auditor and such funds shall be turned over to the city treasurer.

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