Code Enforcement—Inspection Services

Electrical Permit Fee Schedule

Service Fee for issuing the following permits


Installation of Service:

a. Up to 400 amps
b. Over 400 amps


Installation of branch circuits:

a. 110 branch circuits
b. 220 branch circuits
c. 3 phase circuits


Equipment Motors:

a. 1/2 H.P. to 50 H.P.
b. Over 50 H.P.



a. Up to 50 KVA
b. Over 50 KVA






Re-Inspection Fee


Appeals To Building Inspections Advisory and Appeals Board


Temporary Installation:

Carnivals or similar installations


Temporary service inspection


Construction service pole


Commercial Check


*Penalty. In case any work, for which a permit is required by this chapter, is started prior to obtaining said permit, the fee above specified shall be doubled. The payment of such doubled fee shall not relieve any person from fully complying with the requirements of this chapter in the execution of work nor from other penalties prescribed herein.

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