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Animal Breeder Exemptions

(Relating to the New City of Waco Animal Control Ordinance)

The City of Waco Animal Shelter has initiated full enforcement of the dog and cat breeder exemption to the spay/neuter requirement in the animal ordinance. The exemption requires that the animals brought to the shelter by Animal Control be microchipped and the owner have in their possession upon reclaiming the animal a Health Statement from a veterinarian. (This exemption also applies to "show dogs and cats".)

*A Health Statement form available for use is available on the City of Waco website.

Dogs and cats that do not meet these requirements will be spay/neutered and or microchipped at the owners expense prior to leaving the animal shelter.

A properly completed health statement form and a microchipped animal will ensure the owner can reclaim the animal after paying all shelter fees.

*Please note:

Per the ordinance, this exemption is available only once. Upon the second instance of the animal being brought to the shelter it will be spay/neutered prior to being released to the owner.

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