Waco's Downtown Development Corporation asks for Community’s Input about Downtown Development Plans

The Business Resource Center will hold four community meetings in order to gain insight and direction regarding downtown development in Waco. The community input will be used to update the Imagine Waco plan, the guiding document for the development in greater downtown Waco.

Since the adoption of the Imagine Waco plan in 2010, nearly 70% of the recommended projects have been acted upon in some way, although in most cases that means beginning a process that is still ongoing. Some of the projects in downtown that have developed since the Imagine Waco plan was developed are new bike lanes, the Hippodrome, Franklin Place, Dichotomy, Lula Jane’s, Muddle, Tinsley Place, and Barnett’s Pub.

“I know it can seem like all we do is plan. Every time we turn around we’re studying something else, and it’s not always clear how those plans are implemented. That’s why it’s important for the community to know how deeply their feedback, as reflected in the Imagine Waco Plan, has made its way into the decisions of public and private sector entities – and into the landscape of downtown buildings, businesses and public spaces. Nearly every public policy about downtown has been reoriented to reflect Imagine Waco; incentives have changed the way private-sector projects are built towards Imagine Waco; and tens of thousands of man-hours have already been spent to move towards the community’s vision for downtown. With that kind of impact, it’s very important to touch base with the public again as we look toward the next several years of implementation. We want the entire Waco community to be able to give their thoughts and opinions about the direction of Downtown Waco,” says Willard Still, President of the Business Resource Center, Waco’s downtown development corporation. “Ongoing and new projects, like the restoration of the historic Stratton Building and the development of the riverfront, will benefit from the community’s vision.”

Everyone is invited to give their input about the future of Downtown Waco during one of the community meetings, across Waco, April 13-16.

Monday, April 13th, The Jubilee Theater @ 6PM (1315 North 15th Street, Waco, TX 76707)

Tuesday, April 14th, The Cen-Tex Hispanic Chamber of Commerce @ 6PM (915 LaSalle Avenue, Waco, TX 76701)

Wednesday, April 15th, The Greater Waco Chamber of Commerce
1,000 Friends of Waco Meeting @ 10AM (101 South 3rd Street, Waco, TX 76701)

Thursday,  April 16th @ The Eastern Waco Development Corporation, 6PM (715 Elm Street, Waco, TX 76704)

The Business Resource Center, Waco’s downtown development corporation, directs development toward the community's Imagine Waco vision of vital, accessible, multicultural and exciting spaces to shop, live, play and work.

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