City of Waco Annual Report 2014

A message from your Mayor...

This has been a remarkable year in Waco’s history. Sparked by the opening of Baylor’s beautiful McLane Stadium and the new TxDOT signature bridges across the Brazos, the more than 100,000 travelers passing through Waco each day on I-35 can easily see that amazing things are happening here. It’s no wonder Texas Highways ranked Waco as the #3 Best Travel Destination in Texas. We were also honored when Waco received the Texas Historical Commission’s Main Street Texas designation to aid in the continued development of downtown Waco.

The real heart of any community is how it embraces the challenges it faces. This past year brought to life the real Heart of Texas as our citizens accepted several major challenges, like the SpayStreet Waco effort led by volunteers and Animal Control staff to reduce the number of unwanted animals and to encourage becoming responsible pet owners by spaying and microchipping their pets. The goal being to earn our Animal Shelter the designation of being a “no-kill” shelter (over 90 percent live-exit rate).

Our community continues to make major strides in addressing our unacceptable high poverty rate as the Prosper Waco initiative takes Waco’s Visioning project started by former Mayor Jackson and merges it with the Education initiative led by former Mayor DuPuy to address the health, education and financial future of our citizens.

City Council has led an aggressive effort to foster better communication through partnerships with the County, Texas State Technical College, McLennan Community College and School Districts in Waco along with our hospitals and family health centers. These discussions have led to collaborations on several projects and coordinated legislative agendas.

One of our greatest challenges is to ensure that Waco remains one of the best run cities in America. The city council has supported an update of the City’s Comprehensive Plan and will include several infrastructure master plans. City management is consistently challenged to find new talent to step into positions vacated by several key city department leaders who have retired after distinguished careers with the City of Waco.

My personal thanks to those that contributed to the many accomplishments described in this Annual Report. The quality of life and educational opportunities provided by the supportive community partners we have in Waco, in addition to the hard-working city council and city staff continue to make this a vibrant place to live and work.

Malcolm Duncan, Jr.
Mayor, City of Waco

A Message From Your City Manager...

This has been one of the most exciting years of my career in municipal government. Although my career includes many great experiences in the city of Dallas and as the City Manager of Fort Worth, coming home to the town my wife and I grew up in and where our families still live is the high point in my career. This great city has a legacy of outstanding community leaders and city staff, many of who have more than 30 years of dedicated service. Stepping into the shoes of fellow Aggie and former City Manager Larry Groth, who I have admired for years, has proven to be both an an opportunity and a challenge. He, along with our City Council and community partners like Baylor University, has helped make Waco one of the top cities in the nation.

I couldn’t be more proud of the way our City Council, city staff and community have come together this past year to make Waco shine. I look forward to the future!

Dale Fissesler, P.E.
Waco City Manager

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