City of Waco Annual Report 2013

A message from your City Manager...

The dedication of our amazing city staff and the countless volunteers who have stepped forward to sacrifice their time to serve on City Council or other Boards is the foundation of Waco's success, and the reason our city's dreams for today and tomorrow will carry on forever. I have witnessed firsthand the passion these leaders have for their city, and it has been an honor to serve our citizens with them. As my tenure as City Manager comes to a close, I want you to join me in thanking them for establishing the long term goals and policies that are the guiding force behind Waco's present and future success.

From Baylor's triumphant football season and the rise of the new stadium, to new bridges, stores, and housing developments all over our city, 2013 has certainly been a year of remarkable achievements. I'm proud that we successfully maintained the expectations of our citizens to provide quality basic services, and at the same time, were able to reduce the tax rate in 2013, while cities and communities across the nation were raising taxes. I'm often asked "What's the secret to all that's going on in Waco?" It's with great pride that we can celebrate the public private partnerships that have come together through the cooperative efforts of community leaders and point out many of the accomplishments described in this Annual Report.

In over 33 years as an employee of the City of Waco (from City Engineer, to Director of the Zoo, and eventually Assistant and City Manager). I've been honored to work with many City Council members and Mayors. Each Council was presented with a variety of challenges, but members were always willing to put politics aside and come together to give me and the City staff clear guidance, so our efforts would more greatly benefit the community.

When asked what accomplishments I'm most proud of, it would start with the working relationships and great friendships I've enjoyed with folks throughout our community. Together we have developed initiatives like the Community Visioning, Education Alliance and Prosper Waco that will greatly improve our city. I also am proud of our citizens for having faith in their city to pass the $63 million bond package back in 2007, effectively raising their taxes but providing much needed improvements to many of Waco's facilities.

It's with pride, as I step down as City Manger, to pass the leadership role to a most capable friend, native Wacoan and professional, Dale Fisseler. Waco's future will continue to prosper and thrive as citizens continue to volunteer and share their passions for a great city we all call home.

Larry D. Groth, P.E.
Waco City Manager

For a snapshot of Larry Groth's accomplishments with the city, check out our yearly annual report.

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