Conflicts & Disclosure Statements

Effective January 1, 2006, members of a municipal governing body are required to file a conflict disclosure statement with their City Records Administrator (City Secretary). A member of the governing body must file a conflict disclosure statement within seven days of becoming aware of the following circumstances:

  1. A city officer, or a member of the city officer's family, has an employment or other business relationship with any person who does business with the city or is being considered by the city for a business relationship, and that relationship results in income for the elected official or the family member; or
  2. A city officer, or member of the city officer's family, have received certain gifts valued at more than $250.00 in the preceding 12 months from any person who does business with the city or is being considered by the city for a business relationship.

The bill also requires a vendor who wishes to conduct business or be considered for business with a city to file a "conflict of interest questionnaire (see section below)." The conflicts disclosure statement (Form CIS) and the conflict of interest questionnaire (Form CIQ) were created by the Texas Ethics Commission and are available online. Failure to complete and file a statement shall be a Class C misdemeanor, which is punishable by a fine up to $500.

At its June 29, 2007, meeting the commission adopted updated Forms CIS and CIQ as required by H.B. 1491, 80th Leg., Regular Session, which became effective May 25, 2007. 

[Please note that the commission does NOT have jurisdiction to interpret or enforce Chapter 176 of the Local Government Code.]

Prior to H.B. 1491, the Office of the Attorney General issued the following advisory opinion and publication regarding Chapter 176 of the Local Government Code: Opinion No. GA-0446 and 2010 Texas Conflicts of Interest Laws Made Easy.

Also, please note that these forms are NOT filed with the Texas Ethics Commission. Both the Conflict of Interest and Disclosure Statements are filed with the City Secretary's Office and posted to the City's website for public viewing.

City Officials

If a Conflicts Disclosure Statement is filed with the City Secretary, it can be seen by clicking on the name of the official.


FORM CIQ: Conflict of Interest Questionnaire with Instructions

List of Vendor Questionnaires on File

Completed conflict of interest questionnaires submitted by vendors (pdf) - 7/16/07 and prior

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1 Priority Environmental Services, Inc.
3 Teer Productions
3M Company
3rd Tech, Inc.
360 Press Solutions, LLC
4 Imprint
714 Lofts, LLC
A & A Global Industries, Inc.
A & A Telecom Group, Inc.
A&H Drywall, Inc.
A 2 Z Consulting Concepts, LLC
A-1 Demolition, Inc.
A-1 Professional Farrier Services
A-1 Striping & Pavement Service
A-1 Textiles & Paper, Inc.
A-Line Auto Parts
A-T Solutions, Inc.
A1 Commerce
A D Starr
A Sign of Quality
A To Z Tire Co., Inc.
AAA Portable Welding
AAA Septic Pumping
AAdvantage Laundry/Sky-Rent LLC 
AAR Incorporated
Abraxis, LLC
Absher, Jacob Tray
Absolute Custom Coins, Inc.
A.C. Smith Trucking
Accessibility Professionals, LLC
Accolade USA, Inc.
Accurate Image
Ace Audio Communications, Inc
ACE Commercial Fence, Inc.
ACE Data Group, LLC
Ace Pipe Cleaning, Inc.
Acme Auto Leasing
Acme Fence and Iron
ACT Pipe & Supply
Action Rental
Ad Ink, LLC
Ad Spectations, LLC
Addison Gate Operators
Advanced Filtration Products, LLC
Advanced Process
Advanced Processing & Imaging
Advanced Public Safety
Advocacy Center for Crime Victims and Children
AECOM Technical Services, Inc.
Affiliated Auto Glass, LLC
Affiliated Computer Services
Affiliated Defensive Driving School
AG Source, Inc.
Ager, Alex
AgGrow Vision, Inc.
Agilent Technologies, Inc.
Aguilar, Amy
Aguirre, Amber R.
AHCNY, Inc. dba
Ahern Rentals, Inc.
AIA Engineers, Ltd.
AIG Baker Waco, LLC
Air Flow Filter Service, Ltd.
Air Liquide Industrial US, LP
Airfre Filters Service, Inc.
Airgas USA, LLC
Airport Lighting Systems, Inc.
AJR Media Group
Alamo City Trailer Sales LLC
Alamo Iron Works
Alamo Masonry and Construction
Alber, Dennis
Alert-All Corporation
Alexander, Beverly
Alford Construction, Inc.
All Pro Security
All Year Sports Galaxy, LLC
AllData, LLC
Allen Design
Allen Glass Co., Inc.
Allen Samuels Auto Group
Allen Samuels House of Travel
Allen, Justin
Allen, Richard
Alliance Bus Group
Allied Electronics, Inc.
Allied Tube & Conduit
Allison Enterprises, Inc.
AllSee Technologies USA, LLC
Allstates Coatings Inc.
Allsteel, Inc.
Alpha Card Systems Corporation
Alpha Corporation, The
Alpha Constructors
ALS Group USA Corp.
Alsay, Inc.
Alternative Service Concepts, LLC
Alternator Service, Inc.
Altex Electronics, Ltd.
Altivia Corporation
Alton, Karla
Altrusa International, Inc.
Altura Solutions, LP
AMA Nystrom Printing/Finishing, Inc.
Amateur Electronic Supply, LLC
Ambold's Key, Lock & Alarm
American Bank Note Company
American Classifieds
American Constructors
American Guaranty Title
American Office Supply, Inc.
American Patriot
American Turbine Pump
American Underwater Services, Inc.
Amigos Library Services
AMTEC Less-Lethal Systems, Inc.
Ana Laboratories, Inc.
Analytical Environmental Laboratories
Analytical Services, Inc.
Anderson, Allyson
Anderson, George
Anderson, Karen D.
Anderson, Lynn
Andrews, Jackie Jr.
Andritz Separation, Inc.
Animal Birth Control Clinic
Animal Hospital of Waco
Antenna Plus, LLC
Antler Works
APA, Inc.
APAC-Texas, Inc.
APCO International, Inc.
Apel, Travis
Apex Traffic Supply
Apple, Inc.
Applied Concepts, Inc.
Applied Industrial Technologies
Aqua-Aerobic Systems, Inc.
Aqua Engineering, Inc.
Aqua Metric Sales Co.
Aquatan Construction Group
Aquila & Priscilla Tentmakers, Inc.
Aramark Uniform Services
Arauco Medical
ArborGen, Inc.
ARC Abatement, Inc.
Archer Western Construction, LLC
Archive Supplies
Argent Consulting Services, Inc.
Armag Corporation
Arnett Marketing, LLC
Arnold, Bob
Arnold, Sierra
Arphax Publishing Co.
Art Center of Waco, The
Artificial Ice Events
Asbridge, Gary R.
Ashby Police and Tactical
Ashley Furniture Home Store
Ashley, Sylvia
Ashton Oaks Apartments
ASI Security Partners
Asleep At The Wheel
Asset Protect
Associated Supply Co., Inc.
Aston, Peggy J.
Athens Technical Specialists, Inc.
Atkins North America, Inc.
Atkinson, Erin
Atkinson, Lauren
Atkinson, Lynette
Atlas Enterprises, Inc.
Atlas Screen Printing
Attaway, Claudia V.
AUI Contractors, LLC
Aupperle, Geri M.
Aurora World, Inc.
Austin American-Statesman
Austin Armature Works, LP
Austin-Closs Co., Inc.
Austin Cotton Company, LLC
Austin Geo-Logic
Austin Junior Forum Caswell House
Austin-Mac, Inc.
Austin Monthly
Austin Ribbon & Computer Supplies, Inc.
Austin Traffic Signal Construction Company, Inc.
Austin Wood Recycling
Auten, Clifford N. DDS
Automatic Chef, Inc.
AVANCE Waco, Inc.
Avery Dennison
Avian Flyaway, Inc.
Aviation Survival
Avila's S & G
Axiom Advertising
Axis Construction, LP
Ayodele Enterprises
Azbell Electronics
Azteca Talent Agency, Inc.
Azuradisc, Inc.


B & B Athletic Supply, Ltd.
B & B Repair Shop
B & D Fence Company
B & H Photo Video, Inc.
B & L Construction Co.
B2O & Associates
Babcock, Scott M.
Badger Meter, Inc.
Bagela USA, LLC
Bailey Jr., Melvin Jackson
Bain Paper Co., Inc.
Baird Williams Construction
Baker, Adam
Baker & Taylor, Inc.
Baker-Aicklen & Associates, Inc.
Ballew, Joseph Brandon
Ballew's Equipment Service
Ballou Construction Co., Inc.
Banctec, Inc.
Bandana Enterprises, Inc.
Banks, Kenneth E.
Barb, Joseph
Barfield's Southwest Sales
Barger's Allsports Corporation
Barnett Contracting, Inc.
Baron Services, Inc.
Barrera's Nursery & Landscape Co.
Barsh Company
Bartasek, Carole C.
Bartman, LeRoy R.
Barton, Henry 
BASF Corporation
Basic Bits Leather Company
Bates, James M.
Batteries Plus Bulbs
Bauhaus Interiors Group
Baylor University
Bear Contractors, Inc.
Bear Technical Sales, LLC
BearCom Operating, LLC
Bearden, Nancy
Beary Special
Beechem Equipment, Inc.
Belanger, Bonnie R.
Belanger, Richard T.
Bell, Ben
Belnick, Inc.
Belson Outdoors, Inc.
Ben E. Keith Co.
Bennett Motor Express, LLC
Benton, Gary
Bergkamp, Inc.
Best Brands Software, LLC
Best Buy for Business
Betsy Ross Flag Girls, Inc.
Better Health Foundation
Betty Mills Company, The
Bicycles Outback
Big Country Supply
Big Creek Construction, Ltd.
Bigford, David T.
Bill Carrell's Piano Service
Bill's Tractor Shop
Billings, Andrew
Billy Jackson Ives Acoustic & Tile Co.
Bio-Aquatic Testing, Inc.
Bio Chem Lab, Inc.
Biosolids Management Group, Inc.
Bird-Kultgen Ford
Blackjack Bird Abatement, Inc.
Blancett, Barbara A.
Blancett, Dale
Blanton, William
Blocker, Emma
Blocker, Loretha
Blue Bell Creameries
Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Texas
Blue Globes, LLC
Blue Mountain
BlueImage Technology
BMC Software, Inc.
Bo Jones Construction, Inc.
Bobcat Co.
Boen Landscaping & Irrigation, LLC
Boen Plumbing, Inc.
Boerger, LLC
Bond Equipment Company, Inc.
Bond Manufacturing Company
Bond, Brad
Boots Kretzmeier
Bostick, Gregory
Bound Tree Medical, LLC
Bowen Electric Co., Inc.
Bowman Systems, LLC
Boyd, Marcus
Brandon & Clark, Inc.
Brazos Bluffs Stables, LLC
Brazos Feed & Supply, Inc.
Brazos Mobile Imaging, Inc.
Brazos Pulmonary and Sleep Associates
Brazos Technology Corp.
Brazos Valley Carpet One
Brazos Valley Equipment
Brazos Valley Insurance Agency, Inc.
Brazos Valley Lubricants
Brem's Fence & Repair, Inc.
Brenco Marketing Corp.
Brenntag Southwest Inc.
Brewer Lock & Safe Co., Inc.
Brewer, Carolyn
Bridgewater, Ruby
Bright Idea Content
Brillant Colors of Texas
Brodart Company
Brooks, Duncan
Brooks, Trayvond
Broughton, David
Brown Electric
Brown, Daveon
Brown, Jason
Brown, Joel
Brown, Kristina
Brown, Norman Wayne
Brown III, William
Brownells, Inc.
Bruce Medical Supply
Bruske Products
BRW Architects
Bryan Construction Company
Brystar Contracting Inc.
BSN Sports, Inc.
BSP Engineers, Inc.
Budget Blinds
Buhl, Massey
Build Texas
Building Abatement Demolition Company, Inc.
Built Wright Construction
Bullex Digital Safety, Inc.
Bullhide Creek Clear Water Alliance
Bundy, Scott
Burnette Ranch
Burns, Brian
Burns, Robert E.
Burnside Services, Inc.
Burnside, Samuel
Bush, Marty
Butler Schein Animal Health Supply
BVA Scientific, Inc.

C & C Collision Center, LLC
C & M Air Cooled Engine, Inc.
C3 Softworks
CA Remodeling
Caballero, Jennifer
CAD Zone, Inc.
Cain, James W.
Caldwell Country
Caldwell Country Ford
Caldwell, Clifford
Calhoun's Lawn Service
Calibrations, Inc.
Callan Equipment
Camcor, Inc.
Cameron Heights, LP
Cameron Park Zoological & Botanical Society, Inc.
Camp Dresser & McKee Inc. 
Campbell, Jerry
Cannon, Wincie I.
Cantu, Jennifer
Capstone Mechanical
Car Mel Apartments
Cardiac Life Products
Caritas of Waco
Carleton Development, Ltd.
Carlisle Co.
Carlson, Kaitlyn
Carmean, Nicholas
Carolina Retail Packing, Inc.
Carolina Software, Inc.
Carpenter, Gordon
Carrigan, Richard
Carrigan, Tina 
Carrillo, Isaac
Carrillo, Luis
Carrizales, Connie
Carrizales, Louis
Carver Park Baptist Church
Casco Industries, Inc.
Cash Construction Company, Inc.
Castellanos, Lucas
Castillo Drywall
Cavender's Boot City
CBM Archives Co., LLC
CBM Publishing
CC Lynch & Associates, Inc.
CCG Systems, Inc.
CDM Smith, Inc.
CDW Government, Inc.
Cellebrite USA, Corp.
Cengage Learning
Center Point, Inc.
Cen-Tex African American Chamber of Commerce
Cen-Tex Flagsource
Cen-Tex Hispanic Chamber of Commerce
Cen-Tex Lawn Service
Cen-Tex SheetMetal Fabricators
Center for American & International Law
Centerline Supply
Centex Irrigation Systems, Inc.
Centex REO & Presentation Services
Central Fiber SES, LLC
Central Garden and Pet
Central Maine Diesel
Central Nebraska Packing, Inc.
Central Paint Company
Central Texas Concrete Coring
Central Texas Equipment
Central Texas Hydro-Flo
Central Texas Lawn Sprinkler
Central Texas Library System, Inc. (CTLS, Inc.)
Central Texas Plumbing Solutions
Central Texas Polygraph Associates
Central Texas Printing
Central Texas Security & Fire Equipment, Inc.
Central Texas Senior Ministry
Central Texas Urgent Care
Central Texas Veteran's Health Care System
Central Transportation Systems, Inc.
Centurion Security Group, LLC
Certified Folder Display Service, Inc.
Certified Quality Collision
CF Supply
Chamber of Commerce Map Project
Chameleon Industries, Inc.
Champion Utility Construction, LLC
Chan-Park, Christina
Chance Rides Manufacturing
Chandler, Mariah
Channing Bete Company, Inc.
Chapel Hill Photography
Charbonnet, Justine
Charter Builders, a Division of Balfour Beatty Construction, LLC
Chas F. Williams Co., Inc.
Cheaper Than Dirt
Chem Tops
Cherokee Epoxy, Inc.
Cherry Environmental Services, Inc.
Cherry, Ralph
Cheryl Lenamon Copy
Chinchilla Scientific
Chinook Medical Gear, Inc.
Chlorine Specialties, Inc.
Chuck White Trucking
Cintas Corp.
Circular Productions
Cision US, Inc.
Citrix Systems Inc.
CITY Magazine
Claims Administrative Services, Inc.
Clark, Elton W.
Clary Business Machines
Classic Heat & Air, LLC
Clayton, Samuel
Clean Harbors Environmental Services
Clear Channel Broadcasting
Clear Concept Innovations, Inc.
Clear Edge Filtration, Inc.
Clear Technologies, Inc.
Cleveland Jr., Alvin D.
Cleveland, David
CLS Sewer Equipment Co., Inc.
CMC Steel Fabricators, Inc.
CO & B Enterprises, Inc.
Coach Crafters, Inc.
Cobb, Parrish
Coca-Cola Refreshments
Cochran, Matthew
Cochran, Mickey Jr.
Coins For Anything, Inc.
Cole Parmer Instrument Company
Cole, Robin
Colligan Golf Design
Collins, Lamar
Color Concepts
Colorado Lining International
Columbus Supply
Comm-Fit, LP
Commemorative Brands, Inc.
Compass Professional Health Services
Compass Property Management
Compassion Ministries of Waco
Computerized Auto Doctors, LLC
Computype, Inc.
Concerted Efforts, LLC
Conners Construction Co. Inc.
Conners Crushed Stone
Consolidated Fleet Services, Inc.
Consolidated Traffic Controls, Inc.
Construction Services Unlimited
Contractor Environmental Services
Control Panels USA
Controlled Power Company
Convention South Magazine
Convoy Servicing Company
Cook, Jerry W.
Cool Shirt Systems
Cooper, Larry
Cooper, Marland
Corix Water Products (US), Inc.
Cornerstone Plumbing, LLC
Coronado, Tommy
Coronado, Toomy
Corporate Floors, Inc.
Costa Esmeralda
Cotera+Reed Architects, Inc.
Country Christmas
Country Home Products
Country Powersports, LLC
Covey Communications Corp.
CPR Saver & First Aid Supply
Crafco, Inc. (Arizona)
CRAFCO Texas, Inc.
Crankshaft & Valve Service, Inc.
Crawford Electric Supply
Crawford, Camile
Cress, Russell D.
Crestline Specialties
Croford, Tara
Cross Culture Experiences, Inc.
Cross Engineering Consultants
Cross Winton Associates, Inc.
Crossroads Animal Clinic
CSA Construction, Inc.
CTAM, Inc.
CTCR - Central Texas Cash Register
CTS Consolidated Telecom Services
Cultural Arts of Waco
Cultural Surroundings
Cummins Southern Plains, LLC
Cunningham Constructors & Assoc., Inc.
Curry Printing Systems
Curry's Gourmet Catering
Curtis Grimes Band, LLC
Custom Creations
Custom Data Products
Custom Products Corporation
Cutting Edge Sign Studio
Cutwater Investor Services Corp.
CWA Construction
CWI Digital Systems
Cyr, Louisanne

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D & C Pride of Texas Shows, Inc.
D & E Builders Supply, Inc.
D & L Machine
D Squared Development, LLC
D.I.J. Construction, Inc.
Dakota Ammo, Inc.
Dallas Aerial Surveys, Inc.
Dallas Dodge
Dallas Fort Worth Drive Guide
Dallas Hermetic Co., Inc.
Dallas Morning News
Dan Francis, Attorney at Law
Dan Inject Dart Guns
Dancer, Mark
Daniel Blueprint Company
Daniels, Elizabeth D.
Dao, Danny
Dapper Cadaver
Darden Building Material
Datamatic, Ltd.
DataWorks Plus, LLC
Datazeo, Inc.
Davenport, Tim
David Clark Company, Inc.
Davidson, Sam
Davila, Henry
Davis Brothers Publishing Company
Davis Coffee Co.
Davis Excavation, Inc.
Davis Instruments
Davis Lawn and Tree Service
Davis, Aloysius
Davis, Jeff
Davis, John
Davis, Keith
Davis, Matthew
Davis, Phillip
Daylight Donuts
Dealers Electrical Supply Co.
Decker Mechanical
Deery American Corp.
Defender Supply, LLC
DeGrate, Erin L.
Deike, Caleb
Del Bosque, Frank
DeLeon, Armando
Delgado, Simbad
Dell Marketing, LP
Delta Inns
Dempsey, Donald
Dennis Westerman Polygraph Services
Destination Integration
Detection & Measurement Systems
DeZurik Corporation
DFW Communications, Inc.
DHL Analytical, Inc.
Diamond Blade Warehouse
Diamond Rhino Companies, LLC dba Rhinofoam
Diaz, Domingo J.
Dichotomy Coffee and Spirits
Dickison, Lisa
Diesel Power Supply Co.
Dietz Memorial Company
DiMario & Associates
Dionex Corporation
Dirty Ducts
Dirty Shirt Productions, Inc.
Disaster Management Systems, Inc.
Divergys LLC
Diversified Inspections
Division One
DLT Solutions, LLC
Dollins, Jim G.
Dominion Enterprise
Dominion Post, The
Don Jackson Construction, Inc.
Donald and Doris Lawn Services
Dooley Tackaberry, Inc.
Door Control Services, Inc.
Dorais, Gerard
Doron Precision Systems, Inc.
Dorries Group, The
Dorsey, Dorothy M.
Doss Sales Company
Doty, Steve
Double D Statuary Factory Outlet
Double W Service, LLC
Doubletree by Hilton New Orleans
Douglas Products & Packaging, LLC
Downes, Camille
DoxTek, Inc.
DPC Industries, Inc., Dr. Pepper Museum & Free Enterprise Institute - Jack N. McKinney
Dr. Pepper Snapple Waco
Drake Fencing
Draper, Dean P.
Dreamers Household Service
Druce Reiley & Associates
DTC Communications, Inc.
Dubl-R Burgers
DuBois Furniture, Inc.
Duff Consulting Engineers, Inc.
Duke, Isaiah
Duke's Root Control, Inc.
DuPuy Oxygen & Supply Company, Inc.
Durable Specialties, Inc.
Durham, James
DX Electric Company
Dyer Painting Company, Inc.
Dynamic Vision Co., Inc.

E6 Insealation Co., Inc.
E & D Jackson Dairy, LLC, Inc.
Eagle Contracting, LP
Earth Tool Company
East Texas Mack Sales, LLC
Eastwood Enterprises Electrical Contractors, LLC
Eaton Corporation
EBSCO Industries, Inc.
ECS Refining, LLC
Eddie Money Entertainment, Inc.
Edney, Lisa
Edwards Media
E-Enviro, LLC
Effective Environmental, Inc.
Eggemeyer Land Clearing, LLC
E.H. Wachs Company, Inc.
Eighth Street Partners, LLC
Elco Powder Coat, LLC
Election Systems & Software
Electric Actuator Service of Texas
Elevator Inspection of Texas
Eleven 10 LLC
Elliott Electric Supply
Elliott, Glenn
Ellis Isle Equities, LLC
Ellor, James W.
Embry, Jason
EMJ Corporation
Empire Environmental Group, LLC
Empire Seed Co., Inc.
EMSL Analytical Inc.
Encore Custom Fence and Deck, Inc.
Ender, Dillon
Englander Container Co., Inc.
Ennis One Stop
Enterprise Rent-A-Car
Entourage Texas Properties, LLC
ENVIRO-SERV Restoration & Cleaning
Enviromatic Systems, Inc.
Environmental Concerns, Inc.
Environmental Improvements, Inc.
Environmental Industrial Services Group, Inc.
Environmental Systems Research Institute, Inc.
Envisionware, Inc.
EPG Companies
Equipment Depot
Equipment Southwest, Inc.
Ervin, Quanisha
ESC Lab Sciences
Esesis Environmental Partners Corp.
ESI Acquisition, Inc.
Esquire Fire & Safety
ETC Institute
Evans Enterprises
Evans, Byron
Evans, CraShanta
Evans, Paul
Evans, Tad
EventPro Software
Everest Group, Inc.
Evergreen Environmental Services, LLC
Evoqua Water Technologies, LLC
Ewe Pet Petting Zoo
Excel Garden Products
Excell Fueling Systems
ExecuTime Software, LLC
Executive Information Systems, LLC
Extraco Events Center
Extreme Fusion - Misty Burgess
Extreme Lightscapes, LLC

Fadal, Dana
Fain Group, The
Family Abuse Center
Farmer Masonry, Inc.
Faro Technologies, Inc.
Faronics Technologies USA, Inc.
FarrWest Environmental Supply, Inc.
Fastenal Company
FastSigns 15101
Federal Resources Supply Company
Federal Signal Co. (PIPS Technology, Inc.)
Ferguson Waterworks
Ferguson, Charles E.
FFF Enterprises, Inc.
Financial Equipment Corp.
Findaway World, LLC
Finley, Trenton
Fire Pump Specialty
Fire Safety Education
Fire Supply, Inc.
Firmin Business Forms, Inc.
First Advantage Background Screening Services
First Aid & Safety of Texas
First Southwest Asset Management, Inc.
First Title Company of Waco, LLC
Fitzgerald Lawnscaper, Ltd.
Five M Trucking, LLC
Fives North American Combusting, Inc.
Flashbay, Inc.
Flasher Equipment
Flat Rock Storage & Trailers
Fleet Safety Equipment, Inc.
Flint Trading Co., Inc.
Florida Travel Vacations, Inc.
Fluker Farms, Inc.
FM Supply Company
Focus On Souvenirs
Foreman, CaSaundra
Foreman, Connie
Forestry Suppliers, Inc.
Forms and Surfaces, Inc.
Fort Worth Star Telegram
Fort Worth Window Cleaning, Inc.
Foster, Cody
Foster, Lisa
Foster, Rachel N.
Four Seasons Equipment, Inc.
Free It Data Solutions, Inc.
Freeman, Dakena
Freese and Nichols, Inc.
Freestone County Transit
Freightliner of Austin
Frisbie & Edwards, LLC
Fritz Industries, Inc.
Frosch, Michael
FSTI Chemical Logistics, Inc.
Fuego International, LLC
Fugro Consultants, Inc.
Fulbright, Gary
Full Source, LLC
Fuller Incorporated
Fuller, Steve
Fun Guns
Funck, Kenneth J.
Fuquay, Inc.
Future Com, Ltd.


G & K Services
G4 Spatial Technologies
Gagetek, LLC
Gale Group, The
Galindo, Matthew
Galls, an Aramark Company
Game Time
Gandy, Amy Patton
Garcia, Jason
Garcia, Paul
Garcia, Paul & Patrick
Garland Company (The)
Garland/DBS, Inc.
Gartrell, Stephen D.
Gary, Richard II
Gary's TLC Moving & Delivery
Gases 101
Gaylord Bros., Inc.
GCA Services Group Mountain States
GCL Mowing
GCR Tire Center
GE Infrastructure Sensing
Gear Cleaning Solutions, LLC
GearGrid, LLC
Gee, Terry
Gemini Village Apartments
General Chemical Performance Products, LLC
Genesis Aggregate Sales & Construction
Genesis Group, The
Genesis Lamp Corp.
Genie Car Wash & Fast Lube - Hewitt
Genie Car Wash & Fast Lube - Valley Mills
Geomatic Resources, LLC
George Andrie & Associates, Inc.
Georgia Expo Manufacturing
Geoworld USA, LLC
Gessner Engineering, LLC
GFI Genfare
Gibson, Ayorinde
Gifford Electric, Inc.
Gift Works Plus
Gilbert, Dock
Gilbreath, Janice
Gill, Chelsi
Gill, Kobi
Gill, Suzette
Gilliam Contracting, Inc.
Gilreath, James
Gilson Company, Inc.
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GK Techstar, LLC
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Glass, Leeanne Allen
Glaxo SmithKline, LLC
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Gordon, Thaddeus
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Gourmet Gallery, LLC
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Graceland of Central Texas
Gracon Construction, Inc.
Gradel Printing, Inc.
Grainger W W Inc.
Grand Assembly of Texas - International Order of Rainbow for Girls
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Graphic Garage
Graves, William
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Gray Television, Inc. (KWTX)
Greater Waco Chamber of Commerce
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Green Life Interiors
Green Equipment Company
Greenleaf Landscaping
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Griffin, D.H.
Griffin, James
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Griffith, Donald
Grimmett Jr., Lee A.
Grones Environmental Services
Grounds Guys of Greater Waco
Grupos Elite Entertainment
GSI Highway Products, Inc.
GT Distributors, Inc.
Guajardo, Anthony
Guerra Brothers Moving Co.
Guerra, Daniel
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Guerrero, Jason
Guerrero, Juan
Guidance Software, Inc.
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Guinn and Morrison
Gulf Coast Paper Co., Inc.
Guthrie Trailer Sales, Inc.
Gutierrez, Dominick
GWG Wood Group, Inc.

H & B Contractors, Inc.
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Hach Chemical Co., Inc.
Hadden, Skyler M.
Hahn, Texas
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Hall, Sedrick
Hall-Mark Fire Apparatus
Hanes Geo Components
Hanson Pipe & Precast, Inc.
Harcros Chemicals
Hark Electronic Systems, Inc.
Harn, Colton
Harris, Barbara S.
Harris, George
Harris, Kerry
Hartwell Environmental Corporation
Harvest Enterprises
Harvey, Sean
Harvey-Daco, Inc.
Haster, Walter D.
Haug, Johnathan
Haug, Robert
Hayden, Dawn
Hayes, Nakonia
Hazel, Terrence
HCS, Inc.
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HDR Engineering, Inc.
HDT Expeditionary Systems, Inc.
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Heart of Texas Builders Association
Heart of Texas Business Resource Center Incubator
Heart of Texas Chem-Dry, LLC
Heart of Texas Community Health Center
Heart of Texas Network Consultants
Heart of Texas Produce
Heart of Texas Region MHMR Center
Heart of Texas Remodeling & Design, Inc.
Heart of Texas Telecom
Heart of Texas Workforce Development Board, Inc.
Heartwood Creations, Inc.
Heat Wave Custom Window Tinting
Heath, William Wade
Heil of Texas
Helena Chemical Company
HelpSystems, LLC
Henneberger Construction, Inc.
Hensel Electric Company
Herrera, Rolando A.
Herring, Lee
Hervey Pledger Overhead Garage
Hewitt Machine & Tool, Inc.
HF Scientific, Inc.
Hicks, Cion
Hicks-Ray Associates
Higgs-Outland, Doris
Highway Handyman Products, Inc.
Highway Interdiction Training Specialists, Inc.
Hill & Knowlton
Hill Country Dog Center
Hill, Brandy
Hill, Calvin
Hill, Michael J.
Hill, Tom C.
Hillcrest Baptist Medical Center
Hilton Waco
Historic Waco Foundation
HLF Distributing, Inc.
Hobbs, Ron
Hogaboom Road, Inc.
Hogg's Demolition
Holcomb, Thomas
Hole in the Roof
Holland, Cristina
Holmes Murphy & Associates, Inc.
Holt Cat
Holubec Machine Works, Inc.
Holy Contractors, LLC
Home Depot, The
Homestead Pianos
HON Company
Hopkins Medical Products
Hoppenstein Properties, Inc.
Hopson, Tawana
Hopwood, Sharon Kay
Horizon Behavioral Services, LLC
Horne, Vernon
Hornet Signs
Hoshizaki South Central
Hosn, Joe M. Aboul
Houchen Bindery, Ltd.
Hough, Gary
Houston Chronicle
Houston Freightliner, Inc.
HTS Construction, Inc.
Huey P. Long Medical Center
Hufcor Texas Group
Huffman Communications Sales, Inc.
Hughes, Devon
Hull, Jeff M. DDS
Humana Insurance Company
Hutchinson, Michael
Hutton Communications, Inc.
Hydro Operating, LLC
Hydro Solutions of Texas, Ltd.

I-2-I Technologies
I45 Tire & Wrecker Service
Ibarra, Robert
IBM Corporation
IDEXX Distribution, Inc.
IMG College, LLC
Impact DataSource, LLC
Impact Photographics
Impact Recovery Systems, Inc.
Impressions International, Inc.
Imprint Anything
Imprint Plus
In House Physicians
inCon-trol Corp.
Indepth Utility Solutions, LLC
Indigo Resource Group
Industrial Audio/Video, Inc.
Industrial Electric Repair & Sales, Inc.
Industrial Rigging Service of Central Texas, Inc.
Inflatable Design Group Florida Corporation
Ingersoll Rand Company
Ingram Library Services, Inc.
Inlet Protection Company, LLC
InLine Barricades and Metal Products, Inc.
Innovative Solutions
Insight Public Sector
International Greenhouse Company
Internet Destination Sales System, LLC
Insul-Green, LLC
Integrated Benefit Services, Inc.
Intelaware, LLC
Intercon Environmental, Inc.
Internet Imagineering, LLC
Interstate Batteries of Waco Corp.
Interstate Mobility, LLC
Intrepid Artists
IPEC Consultants, Ltd.
Irons, Kerry D. MD
Irrigators Supply, Inc.
ISC Labels & Equipment
Itasca Landfill
Iteris, Inc.
Ivey, Darren
IVS, Inc.

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J & S Valve, Inc.
J's QEI Elevator Inspections, LLC
J. Brandt Recognition
J. Gardner & Associates, LLC
J. Stowe & Company
Jack of All Trades
Jackalope Entertainment
Jackrabbit Systems, Inc.
Jackson Sign & Lighting, Inc.
Jackson, Gregory
Jackson, Laura
Jackson, Mark
Jackson Jr., Tom
Jackson, Wanda
Jager Veterinary Clinic, Inc.
Janics, Stephen
Janpak, Inc.
Jarmon, James
Javelina Mechanical Services, Inc.
JCS Industries, Inc.
Jeff Ward Custom Wrought-Iron
Jeffries, Kenneth L.
Jennings Boat Docks & Lifts, Inc.
Jennings, Joseph
Jett, Jeremey
JHL Construction, LP
Jimenez, Chavelo
Jimenez, Mark
JLS Designs
JNB Construction
Joe Bland Construction, LP
Joe Griffin Photography
Joe's Starter & Generator Shop
John W. Erwin General Contractor, Inc.
John Kirksey Associates, Architects, Inc.
John Paradiso & Associates, Inc.
John Wright Associates, Inc.
Johnson, Niya
Johnson, Roafeal
Johnson, Robert
Johnson, Russell
Johnson, Stephen
Johnson, William Derick
Johnson's Heating, Air & Electric
Johnston Technical Services, Inc.
Johnston, Hans Peter O.
Jones, Charnesia
Jones, Cody
Jones, Kehri
Jones III, LeRoy
Jones, William V.
Journeyworks Publishing, Inc.
JPS Communications, Inc.
Junior League of Waco
Justin Tanks, LLC
JWC Environmental, LLC
JZ Southern Boyz Services, LLC

K & M International, Inc.
K & S Entertainment
Kahler, Kris
Kahn, Cornell
Karl Klement Ford
Kasberg, Patrick & Associates, LP
Kasparian Underground, Inc.
Kearney, David (Guitar Shorty)
Kee Safety, Inc.
Keith's ACE Hardware
Kelly, Stewart R.
Ken Hendrix Designer
Kent Mill & Supply, Inc.
Kerberos International, Inc.
Kerr, Jimmie
Kevil, Brian
Key Chemical, Inc.
Kilgore, Curtis
Kimley-Horn and Associates, Inc.
King Ranch Turfgrass
King, Kimberly Ann
Kinloch Equipment & Supply, Inc.
Kirby Smith Machinery, Inc.
Kirk, Charles R.
Kirk, Dawn M.
Kirkland, Russell
Kittner & Pate Design Associates
Kleinfelder, Inc.
Knife River Corporation - South
Koffler Sales, LLC
Kolinek, John
Komax Systems, Inc.
Korol, Boris
Kosler, Madeline
Kraftsman, Inc.
Krieg, Jeff
Kristy's Kreations
Krueger, Robert
KSA Engineers
Kubota Tractor Corp
Kunkel Construction, Inc.
Kusters Zima Corporation
Kustom Bilt Cabinets
Kuykendall, Jason

L & G Sound, LLC
L-3 Communications Mobile-Vision, Inc.
L.E.A. Data Technologies
LA Police Gear, Inc.
Laboratory Corporation of America Holdings
LaBrie, Lucas
Laine Advertising Company
Lamar Advertising
Lamar Solutions, Inc.
Lamarc, Inc.
Lambert, Jeanene & Jeff
Land Constructors, Inc.
Landscape Supply
Landscapes Unlimited, LLC
Langerman Foster Engineering 
Lara, Maria C.
Larance, Bill
Larry Trimble Contracting
Larry's Dozer Parts
Larry's Lawn Service
LaRue Tactical
LaSalle Self Storage
Laundy, Edward
Lawns Ltd., Inc.
Lea Park & Play, Inc.
Lea, Erica
Learning Zone Xpress, Inc.
LED Illumination II, LLC
Ledbetter, Tiffany
Lee, Kyle
Lee Lewis Construction, Inc.
LeFence Company
LEFTA Systems
Legacy Carriage Co.
Legacy Services
Legacy Support Services
Lely Tank & Waste Solutions, LLC
Leo A. Daly Company
Leon Uniform Company, Inc.
Leotek Electronics USA Corp.
Leth, Ltd.
Lewis Contractors, Inc.
Lewis, Jason
Lewis, Kenneth
Liberty Power Holdings, LLC
Liberty Tire Recycling, LLC
Libra-Tech Corporation
Library Design Systems, Inc.
Library Interiors of Texas, LLC
Limestone County Transit
Limestone Technologies, Inc.
Linares, Juan Carlos
Lindamood Demolition
Lindsey Contractors, Inc.
Lindsey, Ellis
Linko Data Systems
Listach, Patrick
Litter Gitter, Inc.
Little Critterz
Livesay, Dakota
Lockwood, Andrews & Newnam, Inc.
Logical Choice Technologies, Inc.
London, Wilbert III
Lone Star Decorating 
Lone Star Screening
Lone Star T-Shirts
Lone Star Tool & Machine
Lone Star Trees, LLC
Lonestar Maintenance & Svc., Inc.
Long, Jesse
Long III, McKendree R.
Longhorn, Inc.
Loomis Armored US, LLC
Loop 340 Overhead Door
Lopez, Andrew
Lopez, Connie E.
Lopez, Johnny Lupe
Los Lonely Boys Touring, Inc.
Lovell, Cody
Lowe's Home Centers, Inc.
Lower Colorado River Authority Environmental Laboratory Services
Lowry Enterprises
Ludwig Saw & Tool Co.
Lujan, Mark
Lula Jane's, LLC
Luminator Holding, LP
Lustre-Cal Name Plate Corp.
Lynn, Michael

M & C Fonseca Construction Co., Inc.
M & M Broadcasters
M & S Technologies, Inc.
Mac Haik Ford Lincoln
Macaulay Controls Co.
MacDonald Companies
Macias, Jennie
MacMillan Publishing (MacMillan Gift Books)
MacroAir Technologies, Inc.
Madden Media, LLC
Madrid Partners, LP
Magazine Subscription Service Agency
Magnet Forensics USA, Inc.
Magnetic Forensics Inc
Magnolia Waco Properties, LLC
Maize, Darius
Malinak, Frank
Mansfield Oil Co.
Manta Technologies, Inc.
March of Dimes
March, Ben
Marco Promotional Products
Mariachi Azteca
Marineland Boating Centers, Inc.
Markertek Video Supplies, Inc.
Marquee Tents
Marshal International Security Services
Martin Apparatus, Inc.
Martin Eagle
Martin Tool & Supply, Inc.
Martinez, Antonio
Martinez, Dimas
Martinez III, Joe
Martinez, Jose
Martinez Jr., Raymond G.
Masimo, Inc.
Mason Marketing, Inc.
Masonic Grand Lodge of Texas
Mass Group, Inc.
Master Pak Systems, Inc.
Master Sound Company, Inc.
MasterTurf Products and Service, Inc.
Material Promotions, Inc.
Matheson Gas, Inc.
Matous Construction, Ltd.
Matus Electric Company
Mava Investments
Maxwell Pest Control
Maxwell, Andrae
Mazanec Construction Co., Inc.
Mazzola, Joseph
McBride II, James A.
McCarthy, Devin
McCartney, Bryan
McClain, Andrew Travis
McCreary, Veselka, Bragg & Allen, P.C.
McDonald Transit Associates, Inc.
McFerran Computer Service
McGowan Sr., Albert W.
McKamey, William
McKenzie Compressed Air
McKesson Medical Surgical, Inc.
McLean Construction, Inc.
McLennan County Fair, Inc.
McNamara Custom Services, Inc.
McNeil, Stacy S.
McReynolds, Tiffani
McRoberts Sales Co., Inc.
Meaker, Philip S.
MediBadge, Inc.
Medico-Mart, Inc.
Meece, Matthew
Meers Engineering, Inc.
Meeting Professionals International
Merck Animal Health
Merck Sharp & Dohme Corp.
Merritt, Greg
Metro Fire Apparatus Specialists, Inc.
Metro Pipe Inspection, LLC
Metro-Repro, Inc.
Meyer Herod General Industrial Services, LLC
MFASCO Health & Safety
MHC Kenworth Waco dba Texas Kenworth
Michael Overington Trucking
Michaels Development Company, The
Microbac Laboratories, Inc.
Microframe Corporation
Microscope World
Mid-Tex Fence & Repair, Inc.
Mid-Tex Frame & Axle, Inc.
Mid-Tex Truck & Trailer
Midstate Environmental Services, LP
Midwest Tape, LLC
Midwest Wrecking Company
Migali Scientific Refrigeration
Mike Pietsch, P.E. Consulting Services, Inc.
Mike Staas Services, Inc.
Milam, Marytom
Miles, Lee
Miller Net Company, Inc.
Miller Specialty Bottling
Miller Uniforms & Emblems, Inc.
Miller, Monique
Miller, Reginald
Miller, Richard J.
Millet Software
Mills, Chloe
Mine Service, Ltd.
Minnesota Life Insurance Company
Minor, Bria
Minshew, James
Mission Waco, Mission World, Inc.
Mitchell 1
Mitchell & Associates Inc.
Mitchell Enterprises, Ltd.
Mitchell, Edwin
Mitchell, Jason Tyler
Mity-Lite, Inc.
MJ Landscaping
MKP Consulting
MModal Services, Ltd.
Mobile Genealogical Society
Moditech Rescue Solutions BV
Mohawk Mfg. & Supply Co.
Money, Mary
Monsell, Harriet
Monterey International, Inc.
Mooney Construction Services
Moore Medical, LLC
Moore, Angela
Moore, Michael J.
Moore, Rachel
Morales Drywall and Construction, LLC
Morgan Keegan & Co., Inc.
Morgan and Morgan, LLC
Morpho Trust USA, Inc.
Morris Architects
Morris, Raymon
Morrison Hydrology, LLC
Morrison Supply Company
Mosio, Inc.
Most Wanted Jewelry
Motion Industries, Inc.
Motorola Solutions, Inc.
Mountain Commercial Graphics
MRL Equipment Company
MSC Industrial Supply
Mt. Vernon Baptist Church
MTS Safety
MTTS Granite & Marble
Mueller, Inc.
Municipal Emergency Services
Municipal Industries, Inc.
Municipal Water Works Supply
Murrah, Jeffrey D.
Musco Sports Lighting, LLC
Musick Mobile Services
Mustang Remediation, LLC
MWI Veterinary Supply
MyGov, LLC

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N-LINE Traffic Maintenance
National Collegiate Equestrian Association
National Instruments Corporation
National Mass Fatalities Institute
National Pump & Compressor, Ltd.
National Restaurant Supply
Nationwide Industrial Supply, LLC
Nationwide Power Solutions, Inc.
NCL of Wisconsin
NCS Distribution, Inc.
Neal, Jerry J.
Neighborhood Housing Services of Waco, Inc.
Neill Mechanical Technology, Inc.
Nelson, Robert D.
Nemmer Electric, Inc.
NetSupport, Inc.
Netvious, LLC
Networkfleet, Inc.
Neugebauer Company & Assoc., Inc.
NewGen Strategies and Solutions, LLC
New York Clothiers
Newman Signs, Inc.
NGLIC Superior Vision Services
Nichols, Alyssa
Nippon Carbide Industries, Inc.
NLE Systems, Inc.
Noda Audio Visual, LLC
Non-Profit Industries
Norman, Roy
Normangee Tractor
North American Bus Industries
North Atlantic Security
North Star Destination Strategies
Norward, Sylvester
Norweco, Inc.
Nova Pro
Novartis Vaccines and Diagnostics, Inc.
NSF International Strategic Registrations, Ltd.
Nu Rock Development Partners, Inc.
Nunley, Angela
Nunn, April
NuTone Cleaners

Obi, Felix
Ochoa, Mike Jr.
OCLC Online Computer Library Center, Inc.
Odessa Pumps & Equipment, Inc.
Office Depot, Inc.
Office World, Inc.
OgunMokun, Brittany
Oil Mop, LLC
OI Corporation
Old School Detail
Oldham, John
Olive Branch, The
Oliver, Lawrence
Olmsted-Kirk Paper Co.
OLS Electric, Inc.
Olson, Jennifer 
OMI Crane Services
Omni Distributions, Inc.
Omogiate, Idia
One Touch Global Technologies, Inc.
Online Information Services, Inc.
Optical Dispensary, The
Order of the Eastern Star of Texas
Oriental Trading Company
Orkin Exterminating Co., Inc.
Ortega, Larry
Osburn Associates, Inc.
OSCS, Inc.
Oshkosh Tool Co., Inc.
Oswalt Restaurant Supply
Outdoor Creations Inc.
Outdoor Waco
Outhouse Designs
Outland, Ronald L.
OverDrive, Inc.
Overstreet, Caleb
Overstreet, Larry
Ovivo USA, LLC
Ozone Solutions, Inc.

P2 Emulsions
Pace Analytical Services, Inc.
Padgitt's Communication Specialists
Paige Company
Palacios, Jose
Paladin Investigation & Security, LLC
Paleo Discoveries, LLC
Pape-Dawson Engineers, Inc.
Paradigm Traffic Systems, Inc.
Park, Jerry
Parke, Elizabeth
Parsons Commercial Roofing
Parsons Office Systems, Inc.
Parsons, Parsons & Bohan, Ltd.
Parsons, Chuck
Parts for Heating
PastPerfect Software, Inc.
Patel, Jayesh S. DDS
Pathmark Traffic Products of Texas, Inc.
Patricia Coy & Associates, LLC
Patterson & Associates
Pavement Restoration, Inc.
Pavement Stencil Company, LLC
Paving Design Plus
PayFlex Systems USA, Inc.
PC Mall Gov, Inc.
PCS Mobile, Inc.
Peabody General Contractors
Peak Uptime, Ltd.
Pearl South Padre
Pearson Paint Shop, Inc.
Pelco Products, Inc.
Pencco, Inc.
Pennington Seed
Perales, Brittany
Perez, Greg
Perfect World Entertainment
Performance Food Group
Perry Office Plus
Perry, Marshal B.
Peters Painting Co., Inc.
Petersen Industries, Inc.
Peterson, Dustin
Petro Communications, Inc.
Petroleum Traders
Pettorini, Matthias
Petty, Stephanie
PFM Assett Management
Phillips, Charles
Philpott Motors, Ltd.
Physician Sales & Service, Inc.
Pick, Brent
Picnic Furniture
Pierce Manufacturing, Inc.
Pierce Pump Company, LP
Pik Stik, LLC
Pinckney, Benjamin
Pinnacle Protection
Pipeline Analytics
Pitney Bowes, Inc.
Pitts, Jim R.
Playwell Group, The
Pledger, Hal W.
PODS of Central TX
Pollei Design Works
Polly's Paint Box
Polydyne, Inc.
Ponce Contractors
Ponds of Waco
Portable Rental Solutions, Inc.
Positive Promotions
Potter, Dennis T.
Potters Industries, LLC
Powell, Colin
Praxair, Inc.
Precision Micrographics & Imaging, Inc.
PrepareSmart, LLC
Pressure Clean Solutions
Prevost, Whitney
Prikryl Marine
Prima Supply
Prime Controls, LP
Prime Lawn Care
Prince, Mitchell
Priority Factoring, LLC
Pro Connections, LLC
Pro Form
Pro Tech Refrigeration, Inc.
Process Solutions Corp.
Proctor, Jereal
Professional Golf Services, LP
Professional Turf Products
Professor D and the Playschool
ProPac, Inc.
Prophecy Media Group
ProQuest, LLC
Provantage, LLC
Provisio, LLC
Prudential Insurance Company of America
Pruett Medical, Inc.
PS Furniture, Inc.
PSC Environmental Services, LLC
Public Sector Personnel Consultants, Inc.
Pullin, Kristina
Pump Solutions, Inc.
Pump Specialist, Inc.
Purvis Industries
Pylant, James
Pyro Shows of Texas, Inc.
Pyrotecnico, LLC

QA Construction Services, Inc.
Qal-Tek Associates, LLC
QCD of America
QTI Promotions & Apparel, Inc.
Quad County Fire Equipment, Inc.
Quality Construction & Transporters
Quality Tower Services, Ltd.
Quantico Tactical
Quartermaster Uniforms, Inc.
Quest Diagnostics
Quickscores, LLC
QuickSeries Publishing, Inc.
Quiram, Helen


R & B Aquatic Distribution, Inc.
R & H Electric Motor Repair, Inc.
R & J Roofing, Inc.
Race Revolutions
RAE Systems, Inc.
Rala Concepts
Ramirez, Daisy
Ramos, Belisa
Ramos Jr., Domingo
Randal's Tower Tech, Inc.
Randall, Woodrow
Randolph, Shakiel
Range Kleen Mfg., Inc.
Ranger Constructions
Ranger Excavating, LP
Rapoport Academy
Rasor, Michael
Ratcliff Constructors, LP
Ratliff Ready-Mix, LP
RB Everett & Company
RDO Equipment Company
Ready Resources, Inc.
Realtex Development Corporation
Recorded Books, LLC
Recreation Consultants of Texas, LLC
Red River Construction Co.
Red River Service Corp.
Red Wing Shoe Store
Reddy Ice Corporation
Redstone Foods, Inc.
Reed, Larry
Reeder Distributors, Inc.
Reeder General Contractors
Reedy, Donald
Regan Recreation
Reeves, James
Rehrig Pacific Company
Reid Industries, LLC
Reinking, Arthur J.
Reliable Chevrolet
Reliant Energy
ReliaPOLE Solutions, Inc.
Remus, Mike
Renaissance Planning Group
Rene' Bates Auctioneers, Inc.
Republic Intelligent Transportation Services, Inc.
Research Technology International
ReSoft International, LLC
Restaurant Equipment Service Co.
Reyes-Gonzalez, Cassandra
Reyes-Gonzalez, Itzel
Reynolds Company, LLC
Reynolds, Smith & Hills, Inc.
Rhode Partners, Inc.
Rhodes, Annie
Rhone, Raena D.
Richards Equipment Co.
Richards Supply Company
Richman, Dana
Rick Trevino, Inc.
Ricoh Americas Corporation
Ride Systems
Riedel Imaging
Riley, Dean
Rio Bravo Oilfield Services, Inc.
Rio Brazos Fine Custom Cuisine
Ritchie's Western Wear
Ritz, Jose
River Development Corporation
RJ Salinas Masonry Repair Work
RKA Petroleum Companies, Inc.
RLC Controls, Inc.
Roach Howard Smith & Barton
Roadrunner Traffic Supply, Inc.
Robert W. Cox Jewelers
Roberts Publishing Group
Robertson, Victor
Robfaith Touring, Inc.
Robinson Drive Animal Hospital
Robinson, Bobby Ray
Robinson, Randy
Robotex, Inc.
Rochester Midland Corporation
Rock Shop Wholesale & Supply
Rocket Glass & Mirror, Inc.
Rocky Creek Missionary Baptist Church
Rodman, LLC
Rodriguez, Kenneth
Rodriguez Jr., Santos
Rodriguez, Sara
Rogers Company (The)
Rolfe, Scott
Romco Equipment Co., Inc.
Ronald Carroll Surveyors, Inc.
Rosanbalm Construction
Rose, Peter R.
Ross, Fredrick
Rotaquip Services, LP
Rotary Club of Waco
Royal Paving, Ltd.
RS&H Engineering Service Company
RSVP Event Equipment Rental
Rudat and Townley
Ruff Road, LLC
Rushworks Media, LLC
Russell Bros. Contracting, Ltd.
Rydell Capital, LLC

S & J Construction Co., Inc.
S & S Machining & Fabrication, Inc.
Sadler, Michael
Safe Rack, LLC
Safeguard Universal
SafeLane Traffic Supply, LLC
SafeStone Technologies
Safeware, Inc.
Saia Motor Freight Line, Inc.
SAIC Energy, Environment & Infrastructure, LLC
Salganik, Robert D. OD
Salter, Katelyn H.
Saltus Technologies, LLC
Salubi, Jarred
Sam Pack's Five Star Ford
Sam's Club
San Angelo Genealogical & Historical Society
San Antonio Express News
San Jacinto Realty Services, LLC
Sanborn Map Company, Inc.
Sanchez, Michael
Sanders, Tontyana
Sanderson, Jennifer
Sanofi Pasteur, Inc.
Santiam Emergency Equipment, Inc.
Sapp, Justin
Sarah T. Page Consulting, LLC
SAS Institute, Inc.
Schmid, Brian
Scholastic, Inc.
Schoolhouse Outfitters, LLC
Schrickel, Rollins & Associates, Inc.
Schriner, Stephanie
Schwartz, Kathleen
Sciens Consulting, LLC
Scott - Merriman Inc.
Scott, Velma J.
Scranton, Shay
Screen-Tex Graphics
Scruggs, Dennis
SCS Engineers
Scurry County Museum
Seals, Danny
Security Products Unlimited
Sedberry Furniture
Seeley, Glen
Segura, Victor
Sellers, Curtis
SEMS, Inc.
Sensys Networks, Inc.
SGH Real Estate Partnership, Ltd.
Shapeways, Inc.
Sharp Consulting Services
Shaw Environmental, Inc.
Shayman, Judy
Shermco Industries, Inc.
SHI - Government Solutions, Inc.
Shows Utilities, Inc.
Sibila, Michael
SICO America, Inc.
Siddiq, Afzal
Siddons Martin Emergency Group, LLC
Siemen ITS
Siemens Industry, Inc.
Sifuentez, Felix
SightLines, Inc.
Silicone Specialties, Inc.
Silsbee Ford, Inc.
Silsbee Toyota
Silver Creek Construction
Silver Fox Corp.
Simon, Ray
Simple Solutions of Texas
Simpler Life Emergency Provisions
Simply Sweet Boutique
Sims Plastics of Waco
Sims, Phil
Single Source Supplies, Inc.
Sirsi Corporation
Sisk-Robb, Inc.
Six Flags Over Texas/Hurricane Harbor Arlington
S.J. Louis Construction of Texas
Skeeter Brush Trucks, LLC
Skidril Industries, LLC
Skipper, Brazos S.
Skull Gallery
Skyblue Utilities, Inc.
Slagle Utility Construction, Inc.
Slate Rock Safety, LLC
Slaughter, Willis
Slepyan, Roman
Smith Inland Environmental Services
Smith Power Products, Inc.
Smith Pump Company, Inc.
Smith Supply Co.
Smith, Aaron 
Smith, Bobby
Smith, Elijah
Smith, Kevin W.
Smith, Wayne B.
Smiths Detection, Inc.
Snyder Industries
So-Low Environmental Equipment
Sofa Mart, LLC
SoftWright, LLC
SolarWinds, Inc.
Sonnier II, Jerry P.
Sora, Adrian
Sorrells & Gunn, LLC
SOS from Texas
Soto, America
Southern Computer Warehouse
Southern Living, Inc.
Southern Plains Equipment
Southern Tire Mart
Southwest Aquatic Services Corp.
Southwest Maintenance
Southwest Public Safety
Southwest Solutions Group, Inc.
Southwestern Equipment Co.
Sparkman Electric
Sparks, Matthew
Spec's Liquor
Specialty Restoration of Texas, Inc.
Specialty Vehicle Solutions, LLC
Spectrum and Licensing Services
Spherion Staffing, LLC
Spindle, James
SPX Genfare
Squire Boone Village, Inc. 
Stamats Meetings Media, Inc.
Standefer, Rita
Standridge, Tim
Stanley Convergent Security Solutions
Stanley Ford
Staney Steemer
Star Air, Inc.
Star Tex Propane, Inc.
Star Wellness
Stars Information Solutions
StataCorp, LP
State Industrial Products
State of Texas Alliance for Recycling (STAR)
Stateside Right of Way Services, LLC
Stay Inn Schaumburg
Steamer, Dominique
Steele Creek Contracting Services
Stelter, Rozelle L.
Stepp Parts
Stertil-Koni USA, Inc.
Stevens, Kenny
Stewart & Stevenson, LLC
Stewart & Stevenson Power Products, LLC
Stewart Stainless Fabricating
Stewart, David W.
Stone, Greg
Stone, Matthew S.
Stone, Steven M.
Stotts, Tarean
Strategic Government Resources, Inc.
Strategic Marketing & Research, Inc.
Strickland, Alexis
Striping Technology, LP
Stroud, Dioce
Stroud, Michael
Stroud, Viva Ann
Stuart C. Irby Company
Studio Brand Collective
Studio RED Architects
Suarez, Santiago
Suez Energy Resources, NA
Summit Chemical Company
Summit Electric Supply
Summit Integration Systems
Sunbelt Rentals, Inc.
Sunburst Corporation
Sundance Training
SunGard Public Sector, Inc.
Supercircuits, Inc.
Superior Crushed Stone, LC
Surfus, Dean
Swor, James L.
SWS Concrete Contractors
Sykora Family Ford, Inc.
Syn-Tech Systems, Inc.
Syngenta, Inc.
Sysco Central Texas, Inc.
Sysco Resources Services, LLC
System ID Warehouse

T & G Chemical Supply Co., Inc.
T & L Cleaning Services
T & W Tire, LP
T. Tabor Consulting, PLLC
Tab Technologies, LLC
TACnologies, Ltd.
Talbert Construction LLC
Talex, Inc.
Talitha Koum Institute
Target Corporation
Target Pharmacy
Target Restoration Services, LLC
Tarter, Amy
Taylor, Macie Jean
TB Butler Printing, Ltd.
TCB, Inc.
Team Marathon Fitness, Inc.
Tech Logic Corporation
Technical Testing International
Technology For Education
Teegardin, Catherine
Temple Daily Telegram
Terrace Partners
Terry, Jennifer LeAnne
Terry, William Adam
Tex Mex Cement
Texas AgriLife Extension
Texas Air Products
Texas AirSystems, LLC
Texas Alternator Starter Service
Texas American Marble Products
Texas Association of Venues & Facilities
Texas Camel Corps
Texas Coalition for Affordable Power
Texas Commercial & Industrial Real Estate Services, Inc.
Texas Electric Cooperatives
Texas Excavation Safety System, Inc.
Texas Fleet Fuel, Ltd.
Texas Golf Karts
Texas Highway Products
Texas Hydraulics & Pneumatics
Texas Lehigh Cement Co.
Texas Martial Arts Academy
Texas Monthly, Inc.
Texas Police Association
Texas Retina Associates
Texas Select Autos & Marine
Texas Star Security
Texas Tank Services
Texas Trading Post
Texas Tree & Landscape, Ltd.
Texas Underground, Inc.
TGA Services
The Agency Group
The Supplies Guys, LLC
The Trade Group
Thelin Recycling Company, L.P.
Thermo Electron North America, LLC
Thermo Scientific Portable Analytical Instruments, Inc.
Theuer, Ella Christina
They Will Come, LLC
Thomas Conveyor Company
Thomas Steel Drums, Inc.
Thomas, Amber
Thomas, Kevin
Thomas Jr., Melvin
Thompson, Donald
Thompson, Mary Sue
Thompson's Lake Air Interiors
Thornton, William
Thunderbolt Utility Contractors, Inc.
ThyssenKrupp Elevator
Tiburon, Inc.
Tiempo Newspaper
Tiffin Metal Products
Tiger Oak Publications, Inc.
Tighe, Nicholas (Nick)
Tighe, Randall B.
Time, Inc. Lifestyle Group
TimeMark, Inc.
Time Warner Cable
Tinsley Place, LLC
Tippie, Judson
Tipton International, Inc.
TMS Leasing
TML - Risk Pool
TNT Lawn & Garden Service
Toadies Touring, LLC
Tomahawk Live Trap, LLC
Toney, Gloria
Toombs, Benjamin
Total Lawn Service
Total Office Solutions
Total Placement
Total Process Solutions
Total Recreation Products, Inc.
Total Restoration Services
Total Support Services, Inc.
Tourvey, LLC
Tovar Tailors
Tovar, Rufus R.
Tow King of Waco
Trapeze Software Group, Inc.
Tractor Supply Company
Traffic Signal, Inc.
Trafficware, LLC
Traf-O-Teria System
Transgraphics, Inc.
Transoft Solutions, Inc.
Trautschold Millwork
Travel Time, Inc.
Treatment Equipment Company
TRC Environmental Corp.
Trimmer, Norbert C.
Trinity Highway Products, LLC
Trinity Materials, Inc.
Tristar Risk Management
Trotter, Marissa
Troy Sheet Metal Works, Inc.
Truckmotive, LP
TT Technologies, Inc.
TTG Utilities, LP
TTI Environmental Laboratories
Tucker and Associates, LLP
Tucker's Paint & Body Shop
Tuff Coat Manufacturing, Inc.
Tuff Mate, Inc.
Tunmire, Dr. Kim
Turk, David
Turner Brother's Real Estate, LLC
Turner Controls, Inc.
Turner Real Estate, LLC
Turner, JaQuayia
Turning Technologies, LLC
Turrubiartez, Olivia
Twin Liquors, LP
Two Twelve Co., Inc.
TWR Lighting, Inc.
Tyler Paper, The
Tyler Uniform, Inc.
Tyler's Custom Caps, Inc.

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UBI Products
Uncle Milton Industries, Inc.
UniFirst Holdings, Inc.
United Geo Technologies, LLC
United Laboratories, Inc.
United Pump and Supply Inc.
United Rentals, Inc.
United States Right of Way Acquisition Co., Inc.
United Underwriters, Inc.
Univar USA, Inc.
Universal Cleaners
Universal Trailer Cargo Group
Unum Life Insurance Company of America
Uretek ICR
URS Corporation
US Corrosion Technologies, LLC
US Digital Media, Inc.
US Foods
US Mobile Health
US Netcom Corporation
US Peroxide, LLC
USA Environment, LP
USA Shade and Fabric Structures

Valdez, Gabriel
Valley Mills Car Wash
Valley View Consulting, LLC
Valve & Equipment Consultants, Inc.
Vance Hunt & Associates
Vanguard Truck Center
Vannoy & Associates, Inc.
Vela, Joe Jaime
Veloci Communications, LLC
Verizon Wireless
Vermeer Equipment of Texas, Inc.
Vermont Systems, Inc.
Versalift Southwest, LLC
Vets Securing America
Viamedia, Inc
Video Insight, Inc.
VideoTex Systems, Inc.
ViewSport International, Inc.
Viking Construction, Inc.
Villa, Jose Luis
Villanueva, Tracey
Villarrial, Jaime
VirKim Distributing, Inc.
Vision Equipment, LLC
VisionTron Corp.
Visual Innovations
VM Golf Services, Inc.
Vocus, Inc.
Vollmer Public Relations
Volvo Trucks of Waco
Vortech Pharmaceuticals, Ltd.
Voss, Gregory
Vulcan, Inc.

W Promotions
W.E. Upjohn Institute for Employment Research
W.L. Prospecting
W. W. Grainger, Inc.
Waco Animal Emergency Clinic
Waco Apartments
Waco Army-Navy Surplus, Inc.
Waco Bar Supply, Inc.
Waco Carbonic Co., Inc.
Waco Civic Theatre 
Waco Community Development Corporation
Waco Crane Service
Waco Dairy, Ltd.
Waco Downtown Development Corp.
Waco Family Entertainment, LLC
Waco Franklin Place Apartments, Ltd.
Waco Freightliner
Waco Glass & Mirror, Inc.
Waco Grounds Keeper
Waco Habitat for Humanity, Inc.
Waco Hippodrome, Inc.
Waco Hotel Supply Company, Inc.
Waco Housing Authority
Waco Infectious Disease Associates
Waco Independent School District
Waco Masters Cleaning
Waco Meat Service, Inc.
Waco Ochoa Company, Inc.
Waco Paving, Inc.
Waco PRC Development, LLC
Waco Professional Firefighters Association
Waco Surgical Group
Waco Swing Dance Society
Waco Symphony Association, Inc.
Waco Touchpoint Coalition
Waco Towing & Wrecker Clayton Elmore
Waco Transgraphics, Inc.
Waco Transit System, Inc. Robert T. Babbitt
Waco Tribune-Herald
Wade, Jimmy
Wailes, Julian K.
Walker Partners, LLC
Wallace Controls & Electric, Inc.
Wallace Group, The
Walling Construction, LLC
Walls Industries, LLC
Walters, Faith
Walters, Sasha
Walthall, Roy Dell
Wanco, Inc.
Warren CAT
Washer Power, LLC
Washington Partners, Ltd.
Waste & Recycling Plastic Containers, Inc.
WatchGuard Video
Waterford Publishing Group, LLC
Watson, Douglas
Waukesha-Pearce Industries
Weather Your Way
Webstaurant Store, Inc. (The)
Weeks, James
Wendell, Glenn H.
Wenzel, Donald
Wesley Blanton Service Co.
West Publishing Corporation
West, James
West, Kaitlin
Westernlore Press
Westex Welding Co.
Wetland Technologies Corporation
Whiffin, Casey
Whiskey Myers
White Studios
White, Amburh
White, Ivory
White, Skylar
Whitehead, Vondale
Whiting-Turner Contracting Company, The
Whitney, Elizabeth
Wickman Inspection Services
Wildfire Truck and Equipment Sales
Wildlife Supply Company
Wilkinson, Timothy
William Lawn & Tree Trimming
Williams Electric
Williams, David
Williams, Lewis
Williams, Matthew
Williams, Michelle R.
Williamson, G.R.
Willis, James
Willis, Kenneth B.
Winches, Inc.
Wind Whistle Photography
Winfield Solutions, LLC
Winning Way Services, Inc.
Wiss, Janney, Elstner Associates, Inc.
Wittek Golf Supply Co., Inc.
WM W Meyer & Sons, Inc.
Wofford, Justin Blair
Wolf Manufacturing Co., Inc.
Wolfe, Maxine
Wollack Testing Service, LLC
WonderWare West
Woodard, Rickey W.
Wooden Thumb, LLC
Woodland Hills Camera & Telescopes
Worldwide Canine, Inc.
Worley, Jimmie K.
Worth Hydrochem
WowWe, Inc.
Wright Construction Co., Inc.
Wright, John D.
WRS Group, Ltd.

Xcessories Squared Development & Mfg., Inc.
Xerox Business Services
Xybix Systems, Inc.
Xylem Water Solutions USA, Inc.

Yarbrough, Erma J.
Yarbrough, Mason
Yard, Kevin D.
Yglecias, Arnulfo Jr.
Yglecias, Johnny
YMCA of Central Texas
Young, Robert

Z Group Communications, Inc.
Zambelli Fireworks MFG Company Inc.
Zander Jr., Clarence W.
Zapata, Lawrence
Zep Manufacturing
Zep Sales and Service
Zimmerer Kubota & Equipment, Inc.
Zones, Inc.
Zrubek, Craig
Zumba with Candice Barsh

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