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Citizen Police Academy Application (Volunteers Only)

DISCLAIMER: Participating in the Citizen’s Police Academy is volunteer only and does not make you a licensed peace officer.

All fields must be completed unless retired/unemployed, in which case employment-related fields are not required.

Date Of Birth:Sex:  
Social Security Number:Drivers License:
Home Address:
Home Phone:Email:
Business Address:
Occupation:Work Phone:
Organizations you are involved with, and awards or recognitions you have received:
Why do you wish to attend the Citizen Police Academy?
How did you hear about the Citizen Police Academy?

Have you ever been arrested, detained, or taken into police custody by any Law Enforcement Official?    
If yes, please explain:
Have you ever been convicted of drug possession or used any drugs?    
If yes, please explain:
Applicants will be subjected to a background check prior to acceptance into the academy. Applicants must not have any criminal offenses higher than a Class C Misdemeanor. Any Misdemeanor higher than a Class C or Felony Offenses will be rejected.
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