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Events On 9/4/2013

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Date: 9/4/2013

Time & Place:
We will be casting through 11/13. Looking for people buying homes within a 40 mile radius from downtown Waco.

Are you in the process of buying a home in the Waco area? (40 mile radius from downtown Waco) Is the home you're interested in, but have not yet bought, in your dream location and neighborhood: close to your job, near a great school for your children, but sadly that's all you love about your potential home? The location may be perfect, but the interior and exterior of the home you are considering buying has serious dilemmas. . .. . .a clunky layout that doesn't flow properly. . .. . .rooms that are way too small & need to be combined with an adjoining space. . .. . . an exterior that lacks curb appeal. The house has serious faults, yet you're still thinking of buying this flawed house. Why???? Because you absolutely love the location!!! So what do you do when you might buy the wrong house that's in the right location? We have your answer! Fixer Upper, a new HGTV series, brings our remodeling, design & real estate pros in to help you figure out exactly why you should buy this home you're not quite sure of -- and then help you fix it! With our experts' vision, we'll help you renovate and design the deal killers so that it becomes the right house in the right location!! Homeowners MUST financially contribute a minimum of 30K+ to the renovation. Please contact Tina at for more info.