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Solid Waste & Recycling Services

Common Questions

Q. What residential solid waste services do I receive as a Waco resident living in a home with curbside trash service?

A. Provided weekly:

  1. Curbside collection of one grey trash cart
  2. A second trash cart is available for an extra charge of $4/month.

Provided every other week:

  1. The blue (recycling) and green (yard waste) carts are collected on alternating weeks on the same collection day as the trash.
  2. Residents are provided, at their request, one 95 gallon blue (recycling) and one green (yard waste) carts at no extra charge.
  3. A second recycling or yard waste cart is available for an extra charge of $4/month.

Provided at your request:

  1. Curbside bulky waste service of one 5'x 4'x 4' (maximum) bulky waste pile. Charges apply to larger piles.
    • Please call Solid Waste Customer Service at (254) 299-2612 to request bulky collection.
    • Examples of bulky waste include furniture, mattresses.
    • Bulky waste must be materials generated by the household. 
  2. Curbside brush collection
    • Residential Solid Waste Services include the free pickup of clean brush waste pile which was generated by the houshold,
    • Please call Solid Waste Customer Service at (254) 299-2612 to request brush collection.
    • Branches should be cut to no longer than 5 feet long.

Q. Do I need to bag my trash?

A. Yes, all trash must be bagged before it is out in the grey cart. Bagging helps keep your cart clean and reduces wind-blown litter.

Q. Where should I put my carts?

A. For timely and safe service, please follow these guidelines:

• To avoid damage to property, place the cart at least three feet from mailboxes, utility meters, and other fixed objects, such as cars.
• Place wheeled carts curbside no earlier than 4 PM on the day before your collection day. Wheeled carts must be at the curb by 7 AM on your collection day. 
• Please return carts to storage no later than 8 AM of the day following collection.
• Place your carts at the curb or edge of the street with the wheels and handle facing your house.
• Place recycling or yard waste carts at least three feet away from garbage carts.
• Close cart lids prior to pick-up—lids should be closed on carts in order to stop material from spilling or blowing away prior to collection
• If your cart is damaged or missing, please call Solid Waste Services at (254) 299-2612 to request a new cart.
• If your trash day falls on a holiday, your carts will be collected on Wednesday of that week.
• All wheeled carts are property of the City of Waco. Please leave all carts at the property should you move.

Q. When should I put the cart out?

A. Place wheeled carts curbside no earlier than 4 PM on the day before your collection day. Wheeled carts must be at the curb by 7 AM on your collection day. After your cart is emptied, remove it from the curb before the next morning. Please do not leave carts out on the street.

Q. How will I know what week to set out my blue recycling or green yard waste cart?

A. First, if you have access to a computer you can check the calendar on-line at You can also request a one-page calendar by calling Customer Service at (254) 299-2612. A calendar will be mailed to you or sent to your e-mail address.

The calendar will have blue and green shading for recycling and yard waste weeks and display solid waste services holidays and alternate collection days.

Q. How can I exchange my small cart for a bigger blue or green cart?

A. You can exchange a cart by visiting the Solid Waste Services Administrative offices at 501 Schroeder in Waco. Please bring a driver's license and a vehicle large enough to accommodate the container, which is 46" high, 27.5" deep, and 34" wide. (A pickup truck is usually fine.) You can also go to the Cobbs Recycling Center during the hours of operation, Tuesday – Saturday, 8 AM until 5 PM.

If you are unable to transport the cart to and from your residence, please call Customer Service at 299-2612.

Q. How big are the carts?

A. 35 gallon: 39" tall/20" wide/23" deep
65 gallon: 40" tall/27" wide/28: deep
95 gallon: 45" tall/28" wide/34" deep

Q. What if I am a senior citizen or disabled and need help with my cart?

A. Please call Solid Waste Services at (254)299-2612 to request special collection service.

Q. What if I need more recycling service?

A. Residents are urged to visit the Cobbs Recycling Center located off 44th Street, between Cobbs Drive and Trice Avenue(open Tues. – Sat. 8:00 am to 5:00 pm). The Cobbs Recycling Center accepts all curbside recyclable items plus glass bottles and jars, and scrap metal. Anyone, regardless of residency, can bring recyclables to the Cobbs Recycling Center.

Q. What should I put in my grey trash cart?

A. Trash carts are for household trash and garbage in plastic bags, tied securely.

Q. What should not be put into my trash cart?

A. Please do NOT put any of the following items: yard waste (place in your green cart on your collection day), liquid paint, household chemicals, steel, iron, carpet, concrete, plaster, dirt, sand, hot ashes or coals.

Q. What if I need an additional trash cart?

A. Additional carts cost an extra $4 per month. Upon request by you, Solid Waste Services will deliver the second cart to your household.

Please call Solid Waste Services at (254) 299-2612 to request an additional cart.

Q. What do I do if my cart is damaged?

A. If your cart breaks though normal use, the Solid Waste Services will repair or replace it at no cost to you. Please call Solid Waste Services at (254) 299-2612 to request cart repair or replacement.

Q. What if I have a large clean-up job?

A. Residential Solid Waste Service Fees include the pickup of one 5'x 4'x 4' (maximum) bulky waste pile. Additional fees may apply to larger piles. For more information, please call (254)299-2612.

The Solid Waste Department collects materials generated by residents. Materials that are generated by commercial sources (i.e., contractors and businesses), from tenant evictions, or are on vacant lots, will be subject to additional fees. For more information or to arrange for this type of collection, please call (254) 299-2612.

Please note: Appliances with refrigerant, such as refrigerators and air conditioners, must have the refrigerant removed by a certified technician and be tagged as such before being placed curbside for pickup. Appliances without certified removal tags will not be picked up.

Bulky Disposal at the Cobbs Citizens' Convenience Center (also called the Recycling Center)
Waco residents can also take bulky materials to the Cobbs Recycling Center (Citizens' Convenience Center) for disposal up to two visits per month with proof of Waco residency. Proof of Waco residency is required. A Waco water utility bill with residential garbage service and a driver's license with a matching address is required. No photo copies or delinquent bills will be accepted. Addresses must match.

Cobbs Recyling Center cannot accept construction materials (such as drywall, concrete, bricks or asphalt shingles), household chemicals, compressed cylinders, or household garbage.

Residents my also utilize the City of Waco Landfill for their disposal needs, additional fees may apply. For more information please call (254) 299-2620.

Q.  What should I do if there is a dead animal on my property or in the street that needs to be removed for disposal?

Waco Solid Waste Services collects and removes dead animals on City streets, rights-of-way, or on private property after it has been placed on or near the curb in a securely tied plastic bag. We request that dead animals be double-bagged for sanitation. There may be some exceptions for large animals. To request collection service call: (254) 299-2612. All requests for collection will be addressed 7 AM until 5 PM Monday-Friday.  There may be a charge for collection. If an animal carcass is blocking traffic or poses a traffic hazard after working hours or on the weekend (during hours other than 7 AM until 5 PM on Monday through Friday), please contact the Waco Police Department at (254) 750-7500. 

Q. What should be put into my blue recycling cart?

Please put only loose, unbagged recyclables in your blue cart.



Plastic grocery bags
All colors clean:
#1 through #7 plastic containers
#1 through #7 plastic food trays, tubs and bowls
Advertising circulars and junk mail
Paperboard packaging
Cardboard boxes
Newspaper (all sections)
Magazines and catalogs
Office paper and school work
Aluminum cans (don't flatten)
Aluminum baking tins
Steel (tin) food cans and lids

Garbage or trash
Pizza boxes
Laminated paper
Aluminum Foil

*Clear, brown, and green glass bottles and jars can be taken to our Cobbs Recycling Center located on 44th Street between Cobbs Drive and Trice Avenue.

Q. What should I put in my green yard waste cart?

A. When using your green yard waste cart, please remember to place only loose unbagged yard waste in it. Do not put trash or recyclables in with your yard waste.

Q. What should not be put in my green yard waste cart?

A. When using your green yard waste cart, do not put trash or recyclables in with your yard waste.

Q. How can I find out about the changes in collection schedule due to holidays?

A. Please see our holiday schedule. In general, if any of the solid waste collection holidays is on your trash collection day, your trash will be picked up on Wednesday of that week.

For more information or to ask questions, please call (254)299-2612.

Click HERE to ask a question or make a comment online. (Note: Please do not use this site for solid waste service requests -- call (254) 299-2612 to request solid waste service.) We will reply to your post as soon as possible. This site is monitored Monday through Friday, 8 AM until 5 PM.

(Please be sure and check Common Questions before posting a question!)

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