Connections 2040: The Waco Metropolitan Transportation Plan (New)

The Metropolitan Transportation Plan identifies the transportation needs and priorities which can be realistically funded for the Waco Region through the year 2035. All federally funded highway and public transportation projects proposed for the region are included in the plan as required by federal law. The Waco MPO is accepting comments on the draft plan, please see the bottom of the page for opportunities to submit your comments.

Cover Page

Section One - Introduction

Section Two - Goals & Objectives

Section Three - Demographics

Section Four - Modal Inventory

Section Five - Needs / Gap Analysis

Section Six - Revenue Forecasts

Section Seven - Project Recommendations

Section Eight - Public Involvement

Appendix A - Glossary

Appendix B - Highway Evaluation Criteria

Appendix C - Group Data

Appendix D - Highway Scores

Appendix E - Highway Cost Methodology

Appendix F - Highway Cost Calculations

Appendix G - Transit Need Index

Appendix H - Public Comments

Appendix I - Amendments