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Overdue Policy

City Ordinance on Overdue Materials
Sec. 22-147. Overdue materials.

(a) Any person who has outstanding Waco-McLennan County System fines or overdue materials may be disallowed from further borrowing until the fines have been paid or overdue materials returned.

(b) A schedule of fines for failure to return materials which have been borrowed from the library shall be approved by the city council by minute entry or as a part of the annual budget. A copy of the library fines schedule shall be on file with the city secretary and at each library location.

(c) It shall be unlawful for any person who has borrowed library material or who, as a parent or guardian, has agreed to be responsible for library material borrowed by another person, to retain such library materials after the expiration of ten days after receiving written notice demanding the return of such library material. Notice shall be given by certified mail, return receipt requested and/or by regular mail to the address shown on the person's application to borrow Library materials or to the person's last known address if such address is different from the address shown on such application. A notice sent by regular mail to the person's address as set forth above shall be deemed to have been received by the person upon the third regular postal delivery day after its deposit in the U.S. mail.

(d) In any prosecution charging a violation of subsection (c) above, proof that library materials were borrowed on the library card of a person shall constitute in evidence a prima facie presumption that such person was the person who borrowed the library materials.

(e) Any person committing an unlawful act as set forth insubsection (c) shall upon conviction be subject to a fine up to, but not to exceed, $200.00 for each offense. (Ord. No. 1992-45, Section 1(20-3), 11-24-92)

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