Disaster Relief for West Library Patrons

Patrons whose homes were damaged by the fertilizer plant explosion in West, Texas will be offered a Disaster Card much like the existing Temporary Card, containing exemptions with respect to photo ID and proof of residency requirements, as well as the waiver of some printing fees. These cards will begin being issued on May 1, 2013.

Issuing a Disaster Library Card

To obtain a Disaster Card, full ID is preferred. However, a letter or document from the American Red Cross or other social relief organization will suffice for identification/proof of residency. Patrons with a Disaster Card will be able to check out 5 items at any given time. They will also have the standard 1-hour daily allotment of computer access time on Library computers. The card will be effective for 3 (three) months from the date of issue.

Patrons who borrow items on Disaster Cards are subject to all other rules and regulations applying to circulation of Library materials.

Waiver of Computer Printing/Photocopying Fees

There will be no charge for printing of documentation or forms helping persons from West to return to their livelihood prior to the explosion. Such printing might consist of computer-generated documents from FEMA or from another relief agency, photocopying of any documentation required to restore housing, employment, identification, etc., or photocopying of information from printed sources which will help these victims cope or otherwise deal with their current status in life.

This waiver of printing charges shall expire on August 31, 2013

Existing Patrons whose homes were destroyed/damaged

For existing patrons who otherwise fall into the above category, staff will add any temporary address to their patron record and a note will be placed in their record for easy identification of printing fee waivers.


For more information contact the Circulation Desk at the Central Library at 750-5943 or email the Reference Desk.