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Disease Reporting

Please report any notifiable conditions to the 24/7 Disease Reporting number: (254) 750-5411 and/or fax: (254) 750-5405.

Nursing staff are available to help monitor and track communicable diseases reported in McLennan County. The department is trained to respond quickly to prevent potential communicable disease outbreaks by holding on-site immunization clinics, providing medications or simply providing education and training on how to prevent further spread of a disease.

  • Reportable diseases and conditions
  • Maintain accurate morbidity data for the county
  • Actively investigate unusual occurrences of disease to promote prevention of further disease outbreaks.
  • Monitor and assess the county to create a profile of chronic disease issues within McLennan County. 

Disease Reporting Forms



Weekly Flu Reporting Form for Schools

Weekly Flu Reporting Form for Clinics

Weekly Flu Reporting Form for Hospitals

Infectious Disease Reporting Form (initial provider report)               

Varicella Reporting Form                                 

Lead Poisoning (Childhood) Reporting Form     

Perinatal Hepatitis B Reporting Form               



TB-400B Active Tuberculosis
TB-400A Latent Tuberculosis
TB Symptom Questionnaire
  Fax to 750-5453



  Fax to 750-5480


Morbidity Data Reports

List of Reportable Diseases

DSHS Notifiable Conditions Page

Rabies Information for Central Texas

Epidemiology Information

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