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Cameron Park is where Waco celebrates life. Next door to downtown, the park is an oasis with towering trees, two rivers, breathtaking cliffs and a National Recreation Trail system. Since the William Cameron Family donated the parkland more than 100 years ago, the 400-acre park has been constantly abuzz with parties, festivals and sports.

Hikers and bikers share the park with fishermen, disc golfers and picnickers. Families and school classes fill Cameron Park Zoo, while couples stroll hand-in-hand along the river. Cameron Park is a natural treasure, and it's yours to explore.

Park hours are 6 a.m. until midnight.

Trail System Rules

- Ride/hike/run on designated trails only.

- Hikers and runners always yield the trail to bikers and horseback riders.

- Horses are allowed only on trails designated for their use.

- Motorized vehicles allowed only on roadways and parking areas.

- Watch for animals, rocks, roots and stumps while on the trail surface.

- Plan your rout. It is recommended that you never run alone and wear a helmet while biking.

- Pets must be on a leash.

- Please pick up after your pet.

- Don't litter.

- Don't climb on the cliffs.

- Refer to the trailhead sign maps located in the trails for assistance.

- Report any trail problems to (254) 750-5980

- For emergency service call 911

Prohibited in the Park

- Littering or dumping

- Fires except in grills or fireplaces

- Loudspeakers or amplified sound

- Sales activity

- Damage to, or removal of, plants and animals

- DIgging

- Gathering materials for fires

- Overnight parking of vehicles

- Climbing on Cliffs

- Going beyond fences at cliffs

- Throwing objects from top of cliffs

- Pets off leash

- Dishcharge of firearms including paintball or air rifles

- Overnight camping except as part of an authorized activity

Park Rangers

A team of rangers patrols Cameron Park and provides 24-hour security for park visitors. The rangers patrol the park via horseback and bicycle, and they also provide assistance with outdoor recreation and education.


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