Livestock Impoundment

Occasionally, the Waco Animal Control Unit receives calls on loose livestock. If an owner cannot be contacted, the officer impounds the livestock through the city’s designee, Mr. Clarence Holder. Mr. Holder will come pick up the estray livestock and transport them to his holding facility in Riesel, Texas where they remain until their final disposition.

Reclaiming Livestock

In the event that the Animal Control Unit had impounded any of your livestock, the following steps must be made before the animals can be reclaimed.

  1. Contact Waco Animal Control at 750-7500, and Clarence Holder
  2. Pay all fees and fines to the City of Waco at the Police Department, located at 721 N. 4th St.
  3. Sign an affidavit of ownership. This must be stamped by a notary public, done free of charge at the Police Station.
  4. Show receipt and copy of Affidavit to Mr. Holder, who will then release your livestock.

Signing an affidavit of ownership does allow the City of Waco Animal Control Officer in charge of your case to issue citations if they see fit.

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