Animal Grievance Board

The Animal Grievance Board consists of citizens appointed by their city council members to hear animal related issues. In order for the board to consider an issue, a neighborhood petition (*linked) must be filled out and sent to the Animal Control Unit. The officer in charge of the case will then set up an appropriate time for the board to meet and hear complaints from both sides. A decision about the animal(s) in question will be made by the board and its verdict is law binding unless an appeal is made. Any violation of the decision will result in reconsideration of the conclusion by the board about the final disposition of the animal.

Among the matters which may be brought before the Board are complaints about an animal which:

  • Makes unprovoked attacks on other animals
  • Is repeatedly at large (three or more times in a twelve month period)
  • Barks, whines, howls, crows, cackles or makes any noise excessively and continuously, with such noise disturbing a person of ordinary sensibilities
  • Damages private or public property

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