Ride the DASH!  (NOTE: The DASH Returns in August 2016)

FREE Downtown Area Shuttle (Monday through Friday)

The DASH is designed to make getting around Downtown Waco convenient!  Don't worry about parking and ride the DASH for free!  The shuttle makes six stops near most things in the downtown area.  Visit stores, museums, restaurants and Baylor the easy way!

The DASH runs every 20 minutes, in a flag-stop route, Monday through Friday, servicing the downtown area and Baylor campus from 7:27 a.m. to 5:57 p.m.   'Jump-off' anywhere along the way!

A big thank you to our sponsors: the City of Waco, Vitek's Barbecue, Fuego Tortilla Grill, Magnolia Market, West Campus Lofts, Tinsley Place, the Public Improvement District and Heritage Quarters.

Find the DASH!

Track the DASH, or any Transit bus, anytime by downloading the the Ride Systems app from the Apple and Android stores or visit our bus tracker here.

Baylor Students

Remember, you can catch the DASH on campus near Collins Hall, Brooks Hall and the Exxon Station on 8th and Dutton Avenue.  Use the Ride Systems app for more exact times.  The DASH is a flag-stop route, so get off anywhere along the way by notifying the driver.

No Service on the Following Dates:

December 16 - January 10 (Baylor Christmas Break)
January 18 (MLK Day)
March 5 - 13 (Baylor Spring Break)
March 25 - 28 (Easter Break)
April 12 (Diadeloso)
May 2 - 3 (Baylor Study Days)
May 10 - Fall 2016 (Baylor Summer Break)

Locations & Times for Pick-Up & Drop-Off

7:27 a.m. to 5:57 p.m., Monday through Friday

(minutes after the hour)

Heritage Square

:27 :47 :07
Baylor School of Social Work :29 :49 :09
Magnolia Market :32 :52 :12
West Campus Lofts & Tinsley Place Apartments :34 :54 :14
Vitek's / Fuego :37 :57 :17
Robinson Tower :44 :04 :24

FREE Parking Areas & Lots

4th & Austin Avenue (Alico & Heritage Square area)

3rd & Franklin Avenue (City Hall & Heritage Square area)

Spice Village (Franklin Avenue)

On-street parking available on University Parks from Franklin Ave. to Jefferson Ave. and beyond.


Heritage Quarters Viteks Magnolia Market Tinsley Place West Campus Lofts City of Waco 


Check out our video on the DASH!


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