Advertising Opportunities

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Baylor Advertising

Waco Transit has five routes that service the Baylor area.  Four of these routescircle the campus and service the local apartment complexes around the area.

Baylor routes combined are running approximately 40,000 passenger trips per month.

The fifth route goes from the campus to the downtown area so students that live downtown can get to campus and also students and faculty can get downtown to eat lunch. On each the Baylor vehicles we offer interior advertising that is in the form of print media that is displayed on our ad racks.

Baylor University Advertising Prices (5 Trolleys)

(Red Route - two vehicles, Blue Route, Gold Route, the DASH & BU Night Service)

Interior Advertising Options (pdf) -- Baylor University

Small Interior Cards: 28W x 11H

$65 per bus or $225 for 4

Large Interior Cards: 42W x 11H

$75 per bus or $285 for 4
One-time printing fee (per ad)

1 ad - $36.50
2-3 ads - $32

Behind Drivers Seat: 18W x 24H

$110 per bus or

$300 for 3
One-time printing fee (per ad)

1 ad - $35
2-3 ads - $30

The DASH (Downtown Area Shuttle)

*circles from Baylor to Downtown Waco

Interior Window: 28W x 19H (size varies)


Exterior Advertising Options (pdf) -- Baylor University

Kong: 10W X 29H

$325 per vehicle
One time printing fee - $375

Bus Window: 45W X 28.5H

$125 for 1 or
$100 each for multiples
One time printing fee - $146

Blue & Red Route & BU Night Service Window Ad Package

(1 ad on both vehicles) = $130
One time printing fee - $225

The DASH (Downtown Area Shuttle)

*circles from Baylor to Downtown Waco

Window Ad: 28W x 19H (size varies)

One time printing fee - $42.50

Bus Wraps

A Waco Transit System bus wrap is a great way to get your message out across Waco (and beyond) in a bold and cost-effective manner!

The bus wrap is a 30-foot long billboard on both sides and the back of the bus.  The bus is covered in vinyl and the windows have a material that allows the graphics to be seen while also allowing passengers to still see out of the bus.

The price of printing includes a three-year warranty on the vinyl that is attached directly to the bus and a 1-year warranty on the window film.  Bus wraps normally last around 3 years with minor upkeep on the window film.

When you wrap a bus, that bus becomes known as your bus, and if you as the client would like that bus to be available for an event and we have the bus available, we usually will try and accommodate that, although we can’t make any guarantees.

The wrapped buses are also used, when possible, for special shuttles throughout the city for different events, i.e. Baylor football games, Zoobiliee, basketball games, HOT Fair and Rodeo, and many more so your bus will get a lot of exposure.  Buses are also used for photo shoots for our maps and other print productions throughout the city.

If a picture is worth a thousand words how many words is a bus wrap worth?

Full Bus Wrap — Option One (printing cost included in payments)

1st year (12 month contract)

$1,950 per month
2nd year (12 month contract)
$1,000 per month
3rd year (12 month contract)
$1,000 per month

Full Bus Wrap — Option Two (printing payment up front - $9,000)

1st year (12 month contract)

$1,000 per month
2nd year (12 month contract)
$900 per month
3rd year (12 month contract)
$800 per month

Total expense over 3 years: $900/month (plus $250/month if divide printing) =

$1,150/month (savings of $1,800 over 3-year-period for paying printing upfront)

Fixed Route Exterior & Interior

Not everyone can afford a full bus wrap but we also offer exterior advertising that is as effective as a bus wrap yet less expensive.  Our new buses have large windows that run down both sides of them and also on the back.  On these windows we sell advertisements that can be easily seen from passing cars and at stoplights as they are about eye level.  You can purchase one window on one bus or purchase multiple windows on multiple buses.

We also have cutaway vans that is for our demand response service that do not travel on a fixed route but go all over town picking up clients at their homes that we sell advertisements on.  We also have some new minivans that will be used as Medicaid vehicles that travel over 7 counties and even to the Dallas and Austin area.  These new vehicles have large windows that offer great advertising opportunities.

If you want to target the riders on the bus we have some great opportunities that you as the advertiser can take advantage of.

We also offer static advertisements in the bus that are located either in the advertising rails that run down the interior of the bus and also on a cabinet that we have located behind the drivers seat.  These interior advertisements let you target a captured audience and specific crowd.

Exterior Advertising Options for Fixed Routes

Ad Sizes & Rates (pdf)

Kong: 10W X 29H

One time printing fee - $375

Big Kong Ad: 10W X 8H

One time printing fee - $1,100

Large Window Ad: 45W X 28.5H

One time printing fee - $146

Interior Advertising Options for Fixed Routes

Small Interior Cards: 28W x 11H


One-time printing cost of $30

Large Interior Cards: 42W x 11H


One-time printing cost of $36.50

Bus Shelters

If you are trying to get your word out into the general public but do not have the money for a bus wrap or exterior bus advertising we have the solution.  Our bus shelters are located all over town and are in high traffic, highly visible areas.  We currently have approximately 30 throughout the city and are looking to add many more over the next year.

These shelters are mini billboards on the side of the road at eye level height so people can see them easier while driving by.  The advertisement size ranges from a three foot by five-foot ad all the way up to a four by six ad.  Some of our newer shelters will have the option of a lighted advertisement so your ad will be visible all through the night.

Shelter Ad: 48W x 60H


One-time printing cost of $215

Bus Benches

If you are looking for an affordable way to get your message out, we have the solution for you.  Our bus benches are very affordable and are placed all throughout the city.  We currently have a little more than 120 benches located in the city that are placed in high traffic areas.

The bus benches are at eye level for drivers, pedestrians and bus riders.  We also have the ability to target different demographics in the city due to the high number of benches that we have.  If you want to get you message out or direct people to your place of business these are a great, affordable opportunity.

Bench Ad: 21W x 70H


One-time printing cost of $110

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