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Employment Fitness Test

Applicant must be able to pass the physical fitness assessment at the standards established for academy applicants.

The physical fitness assessment consists of the following:


Complete twelve (12) correct push-ups in one (1) minute.

Correct Push-ups:

  • The hands are placed slightly wider than shoulder width apart, with fingers pointing forward. The administrator or administrator's assistants place one fist on the floor below the applicant's chest.
  • Starting from the up position (elbows extended), the applicant must keep the back straight at all times and lower the body to the floor until the chest touches the administrator's fist. Applicant then returns to the up position. This is one repetition. (Modified pushups with the knees on the ground are not allowed .)
  • Resting should be done only in the up position.
  • Score is recorded as Pass / Fail only.


Complete twenty-two (22) correct sit ups in one (1) minute.

Correct Sit ups :

  • The applicant starts by lying on their back, knees bent, heels flat on the floor, with the fingers laced and held behind the head.
  • Avoid pulling on the head with the hands. The buttocks must remain on the floor with no thrusting of the hips.
  • The administrator or administrator assistant holds the feet down firmly.
  • The applicant then performs as many correct sit-ups as possible in one (1) minute.
  • In the up position, the applicant should touch elbows to the knees and then return until the shoulder blades touch the floor.
  • Any resting should be done in the up position.
  • The score is total number of correct sit-ups completed in one (1) minute. Breathing should be as normal as possible, making sure the applicant does not hold their breath.
  • Neck remains in the neutral position.
  • Do not pull on the head or neck. If the administrator of the physical fitness assessment or administrator assistants observes an applicant pulling on the head or neck, the applicant will receive one warning. If the applicant continues to pull on the head or neck, the administrator will stop the applicant.
  • ┬áScore is recorded as Pass / Fail only.


Complete a 1.5 Mile Run in 16:31 (16 Minutes 31 Seconds).

  • Applicant should not eat a heavy meal or smoke for at least 2-3 hours prior to the run.
  • Applicant must run 1.5 miles as fast as possible.
  • Upon completion of the 1.5 mile run, the applicant will have a mandatory cool down period of walking for about 5 minutes immediately after the run.
  • Time is recorded as Pass / Fail only.

The applicant must pass the required tests during a single session.

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